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The TransitFeed library contains several parts, each with its own instructions:

  • TransitFeed - a Python package for reading, writing, and validating feeds
  • FeedValidator - a command line tool that checks a GTFS feed for problems
  • ScheduleViewer - an application for exploring a feed on a map
  • KMLWriter - an application for plotting a feed's stops in a KML file for viewing in Google Earth
  • Merge - combines two GTFS files into one
  • GoogleRandomQueries - an example program. generates random queries for Google Maps trip planner.
  • UnusualTripFilter - sets the trip_type depending on how often a pattern is used


You may download the transitfeed distribution as Windows executables, a source tar ball, or directly from our GitHub repository.

Windows Executable

If you just want to run the tools, you may download prebuilt Windows programs from:

Download the latest version of transitfeed-<version> and unzip the contents into an empty directory. Then see the FeedValidator and ScheduleViewer pages for further instructions.

Install source distribution

To install the transitfeed Python library:

easy_install transitfeed

Some features of the distribution depend on pytz. You may need to install it manually.

If you don't have easy_install on your computer you may download the latest source distribution directly.

Bugs and feature requests

Please create a new issue if you find bugs or have a feature requests. Patches released under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license are more than welcome!