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feat: promote to 1.0.0 (#162)
Release-As: 1.0.0
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chingor13 committed Aug 12, 2020
1 parent 25af2be commit 6753965
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2 changes: 1 addition & 1 deletion .repo-metadata.json
Expand Up @@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
"product_documentation": "",
"client_documentation": "",
"api_description": "are one way for you to view and analyze metric data. The Cloud Console provides predefined dashboards that require no setup or configuration. You can also define custom dashboards. With custom dashboards, you have complete control over the charts that are displayed and their configuration.",
"release_level": "beta",
"release_level": "ga",
"language": "java",
"repo": "googleapis/java-monitoring-dashboards",
"repo_short": "java-monitoring-dashboards",
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10 changes: 2 additions & 8 deletions
Expand Up @@ -8,9 +8,6 @@ Java idiomatic client for [Monitoring Dashboards][product-docs].
- [Product Documentation][product-docs]
- [Client Library Documentation][javadocs]

> Note: This client is a work-in-progress, and may occasionally
> make backwards-incompatible changes.
## Quickstart

Expand All @@ -20,7 +17,7 @@ If you are using Maven, add this to your pom.xml file:

Expand Down Expand Up @@ -86,9 +83,6 @@ Java 7 or above is required for using this client.
This library follows [Semantic Versioning](

It is currently in major version zero (``0.y.z``), which means that anything may change at any time
and the public API should not be considered stable.

## Contributing

Expand Down Expand Up @@ -126,7 +120,7 @@ Java 11 | [![Kokoro CI][kokoro-badge-image-5]][kokoro-badge-link-5]
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