This repository contains open source content for Google Data Studio.
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Open Source Content for Google Data Studio

This repository contains open source content for Google Data Studio.

Community Connectors

Community Connectors are developed using Apps Script and let users fetch data from external sources into their Data Studio dashboards.

The majority of open sourced Community Connectors have been deployed so that you can try them out in Data Studio. The deployments are managed by the Data Studio Developer Relations team and use the latest code for each Community Connector.

List of available open source Community Connectors in this repository:

Other open source Community Connectors

These repositories and deployed connectors are maintained by the respective developers:

    • The connector for Google Data Studio allows users to create reports with data pulled from one or more datasets using SQL queries. is designed for data and the people who work with data. From professional projects to open data, helps you host and share your data, collaborate with your team, and capture context and conclusions as you work.
    • try the connector in Data Studio

Submit your own open source Community Connector

Send us a pull request to include your own Community Connector in this repository. Note that the README will be updated to follow the same format as the other connectors in this repository. The Data Studio Developer Relations team will also create and manage a deployment for the connector.

Alternatively you can link to your own repository and maintain your own deployments. In that case, send a pull request for the README file only with a link to your repository.

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