Common Java files for Google Genomics integrations.
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This project's goal is to reduce duplicate code across different Google Genomics Java integrations.

If you have duplicate code appearing in your projects, or see useful functions in the other googlegenomics Java repositories that you want to depend on, please contribute!

Depending on this project

Note: you can find the latest available version of this project in Maven's central repository.


Add the following to your pom.xml file:



Add the following to your build.gradle file, updating the version to the most recent release:

repositories {

dependencies {
    compile ''

Building this project

  1. git clone this repository.

  2. If you have not already done so, follow the Google Genomics getting started instructions to set up your environment including installing gcloud and running gcloud init.

  3. This project now includes code for calling the Genomics API using gRPC. To use gRPC, you'll need a version of ALPN that matches your JRE version.

  4. See the ALPN documentation for a table of which ALPN jar to use for your JRE version.

  5. Then download the correct version from here.

  6. Use a recent version of Apache Maven (e.g., version 3.3.3) to build this code:

cd utils-java
mvn package

If you wish to modify this code while also modifying a project that depends upon it (e.g., dataflow-java), just

  1. Build and install the jar to your local maven repository via mvn install.
  2. Then update the pom.xml of the dependent project to temporarily depend upon the particular SNAPSHOT version of utils-java now installed in your local maven repository. For example, make a change similar to this but only in your local copy of pom.xml.
  3. Eclipse users: * For each of utils-java, dataflow-java, etc... in Eclipse do: File -> Import -> Maven -> Existing Maven Projects * If at any point in Eclipse becomes confused (lot of red X's) in Eclipse do: Project -> Clean -> Clean All Projects
  4. IntelliJ users: * Import the project via File > Open and then double-click on the pom.xml file.


See for some example code that uses gRPC. The protocol buffer schema for the API can be found in src/main/proto/google/genomics/v1.

  • To run the example:
MAVEN_OPTS="-Xbootclasspath/p:/YOUR/PATH/TO/alpn-boot-YOUR-VERSION.jar" \
mvn exec:java

Code Layout

Releasing new versions

This section contains details on getting a new release into Maven central and can be safely ignored by most people. If you need a new release of this code, go ahead and just file an issue.



Making a new release

  1. Use Maven to tag the code, up the pom version and release into the Sonatype staging area.
mvn release:prepare && mvn release:perform

What is the release version for "Google Genomics Utils"?: <the next version, e.g. 'v1-0.9'>
What is SCM release tag or label for "Google Genomics Utils"?: <ENTER>
What is the new development version for "Google Genomics Utils"? <the next, next version with a -SNAPSHOT suffix, e.g. v1-0.10-SNAPSHOT>

  1. Find the repository at and close it.
  2. If closing succeeds, then release it. See the detailed instructions for more info.
  3. As long as there aren't any errors - that's it! The new version will be synced to Maven central.