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Useful libs for the Go(router, DI, log, config, cache, event, validate, filter, CLI-app, i18n, respond-data, view-render)

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  1. Go CLI application, tool library, running CLI commands, support console color, user interaction, progress display, data formatting display, generate bash/zsh completion add more features. Go的命令行应用,…

    Go 77 15

  2. Go config manage(load,get,set). support JSON, YAML, TOML, INI, HCL, ENV and Flags. Multi file load, data override merge, parse ENV var. Go应用配置加载管理,支持多种格式,多文件加载,远程文件加载,支持数据合并,解析环境变量名

    Go 73 11

  3. Go package for data validation and filtering. support Map, Struct, Form data. Go通用的数据验证与过滤库,使用简单,内置大部分常用验证、过滤器,支持自定义验证器、自定义消息、字段翻译。

    Go 89 24

  4. Terminal color rendering tool library, support 8/16 colors, 256 colors, RGB color rendering output, compatible with Windows. CLI 控制台颜色渲染工具库, 拥有简洁的使用API,支持16色,256色,RGB色彩渲染输出,兼容 Windows 环境

    Go 196 19

  5. Go实现的轻量级的事件管理、调度程序库, 支持设置监听器的优先级, 支持根据事件名称来进行一组事件的监听. Lightweight event manager and dispatcher implements by Go

    Go 28 11

  6. Go config management, use INI. support multi file load, data override merge. parse ENV variable, parse variable reference. INI配置读取管理,支持多文件加载,数据覆盖合并, 解析ENV变量, 解析变量引用

    Go 12 6

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