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This project was generated with slush-globeapp. Consult its README for more information.

Please note: do not reproduce Boston Globe logos or fonts without written permission.


Clone repo and run yarn.

If pulling from google or methode, run the command(s) below to stay up-to-date:

gulp fetch-google and gulp fetch-methode.

To start the local server, run gulp.


You can pull copy from either Methode or a Google Doc.


So you want to tussle with Methode huh? You are brave. Fill out config.js like such:

	"methode": {
		"story": [{"path": "path/to/xml"}]

This pipes text and images from Methode into methode.hbs and downloads the images locally.

To insert a graphic partial inside methode, simply create a new p tag and use the convention {{graphic:test}}. Make sure you have the partial src/html/partials/graphic/test.hbs.

Running gulp fetch-methode at any point will pull down the latest.

Methode image options:


Takes a string. The responsive image library you want to use instead of plain old img elements. Possible values include: picturefill, lazy-picturefill. You are responsible for setting up the JavaScript to make them work (simply yarn add picturefill and optionally lazysizes).


imageLibrary: 'lazy-picturefill'


Boolean value true or false to give different images from Methode a distinguising class name.


imageClass: true

Google Doc

Using a shared google doc for all copy for an interactive is recommended. The app uses ArchieML as a micro CMS.

Setup google doc

  • Create a google doc (outside of Globe domain)
  • Publish to web: file -> publish to web
  • Make public: share button -> advanced -> change "private only you can access" to "public on the web"
  • In the address bar, grab the ID
    • 1IiA5a5iCjbjOYvZVgPcjGzMy5PyfCzpPF-LnQdCdFI0 /edit
  • In config.js paste in the ID

If the data is too sensitive or a google doc is overkill, you can update data/copy.json directly.

Running gulp fetch-google at any point will pull down the latest.


The only two fonts loaded by default are Miller regular and Benton bold. To load additional fonts you must add info to two places. Follow the current examples in the existing files.

  • src/css/config.styl
  • src/js/critical.js

In main.styl:


In critical.js:

	{ family: 'Benton', suffix: 'regular'},

To set a font, simply add the class name to the element following the pattern '.family-style' (ex. .benton-regular)

Available fonts:

  • { family: 'Miller', suffix: 'regular'} - .miller-regular
  • { family: 'Miller', suffix: 'regular'} - .miller-bold
  • { family: 'Miller-Banner', suffix: 'regular'} - .miller-banner-regular
  • { family: 'Miller-Banner', suffix: 'italic'} - .miller-banner-italic
  • { family: 'Benton', suffix: 'regular'} - .benton-regular
  • { family: 'Benton', suffix: 'regular'} - .benton-bold
  • { family: 'Benton-Cond', suffix: 'regular'} - .benton-cond-regular
  • { family: 'Benton-Comp', suffix: 'regular'} - .benton-comp-regular


Run gulp fetch-teaser to pull down the teaser information (based on urls in meta.json).

SEO and Analytics

Fill out data/meta.json, the bare minimum needed for seo, analytics, and business.

	"title": "Graphic title",
	"author": "Author name",
	"description": "Description of graphic",
	"keywords": "Comma, delimited, for, seo",
	"url": "",
	"imageUrl": "",
	"section": "Metro",
	"sectionUrl": "",
	"credits": "",
	"teasers": [],
	"social": true,
	"meter": true,
	"socialConnect": true,
	"ads": false
  • credits text of who made this
  • teasers: array of urls


Step 1: make a project folder on apps

  • Either connect to the apps server (smb:// or connect to shell and navigate to your directory (cd /web/bgapps/html/[section]/graphics/[year]/[month]/).
  • If you're using the finder, simply make a new folder in the correct directory with your project name (reference config.json for your project name).
  • If you're using terminal, mkdir [your-project-name]

Step 2: gulp

Step 3: publish assets

  • In Terminal, connect to shell (your username is usually first initial last name): ssh
  • Navigate to your graphic directory: cd /web/bgapps/html/[section]/graphics/[year]/[month]/[graphic-name].
  • Run the command upload * in the root and each subdirectroy. (ex. cd css, then upload * to upload all files in that folder).

Public url

  • A zipped archive is also pushed to apps. It has the full unminified code for the future when gulp and stuff are fossils.


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