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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the community user, and how can I create it ?

The community user is a bot user that will be assigned as author to some of the content created automatically by the plugin (eg. imported tracks, autolink, etc).

You will need to create manually that user and to give him the required capabilities. The easiest way to do that is to give him the Author role while creating/editing this user in the Wordpress admin.

To get the user ID, just edit that user in the admin. You'll be able to get the user ID from the user_id parameter, in the address bar of your browser:


What is the difference between radios & playlists ?

Radios are tracklists that are synced with a remote source (eg. a Spotify playlist, a XSPF file,...). Unlike playlists, you cannot add manually tracks to radios since they are refreshing seamlessly after a user-defined delay.

How can I embed a track or a playlist ?

!!! There is currently a Wordpress bug that breaks our shortcodes. See the Github issue.

Using shortcodes:

[wpsstm-tracklist post_id="160"]

[wpsstm-track post_id="150"]

[wpsstm-track artist="Patrick Sébastien" album="Pochette surprise" title="Les Sardines"]

Or directly with PHP functions:

<?php $tracklist = new WPSSTM_Post_Tracklist($post_id); echo $tracklist->get_tracklist_html(); ?>

<?php $track = new WPSSTM_Track($post_id); echo $track->get_track_html(); ?>

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