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Compilers and LLVM

  • basic-compiler-notes contains course notes from first few lectures from coursera's course on compilers

  • vectorization contains notes on vectorization.

  • mem-tracing this has been moved to its own repository. ignore this dir.

  • spring-2014-compilers/assignment1:

    • Module pass to print source code line number as comments in LLVM IR using AssemblyAnnotationWriter class.
  • spring-2014-compilers/assignment2:

    • Function Info pass: that prints function name, argument size, number of call sites, number of basic blocks, number of instructions for a given function.
    • LocalOpts Pass: is an transform optimization pass (changes IR). It applies optimizations such as constant folding, strength reduction and algebraic identity.
  • spring-2014-compilers/assignment3:

    • dataflow.h: implements a dataflow framework with virtual methods that can be implemented to forward (reaching definitions) and backward (liveness) analysis.
    • Live: pass uses dataflow framework to print live variables above each instruction in IR (SSA form)
    • Reach: pass uses dataflow framework to print reaching variables above each instruction in IR (SSA form)
  • spring-2014-compilers/assignment4:

    • DCE: pass performs dead code elimination. It uses dataflow frameword developed in the previous assignment.
    • licm: pass that performs loop invariant code motion. It also uses above dataflow framework.


It would be better to implement dataflow framework using function pointers for meet and transfer functions, otherwise you can only use them once if implemented using virtual methods.


LLVM optimization passes (DCE, LICM), compilers and stuff




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