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FabioLuporini commented Jun 2, 2019

We need a document describing what the supported environment variables are (print_defaults ...) and what they do

for example:

DEVITO_DEBUG_COMPILER: writes to standard output the command line used to jit-compile an operator (eg gcc ... -O3 ...
DEVITO_JIT_BACKDOOR: escape hatch for custom kernels. The typical use case is as follows: one runs a Devito program; then, once the session is ov

ivanvoznyakovsky commented Jun 12, 2018


Deploying a single file takes at minimum 30sec whereas vs-deploy does it immediately.

    "deploy.reloaded": {
      "targets": [
           "type": "ftp",
           "dir": "/public_html",
           "host": "...",
           "port": 21,
           "secure": false,
           "user": "...",
           "password": "...",
alexknvl commented Jul 15, 2018

For future docs:

Instance instantiation in the outermost scope

Consider the following snippet:

implicit def eqList[A](implicit A: Eq[A]): Eq[List[A]] =
  new Eq[A] { ... }
implicit class EqOps[A](value: A) {
  def ===(other: A)(implicit A: Eq[A]): Boolean = A.equal(value, other)
object Test {
  def test: Unit = {
    val a : List[Int] = ...
    val b : List[In
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