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Project management and bug tracking.
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Emperor is a project management and bug tracking application for software development.

Emperor aims to replicate features of established bug-trackers such as JIRA, FogBugz and others while staying focused and opinionated.

Mission Statement

The mission of Emperor is to provide project management software that is reasonable to administer, useful for developers and — perhaps most critical — visible and informative to non-developers.

Why It Exists

There is a need for a featureful, modern issue tracker and project management system that is an alternative to heavy and expensive commercial systems.

Current Features

See feature list.

Running Emperor

See the INSTALL instructions.

Development Status

Development on Emperor began in April of 2012 and has been conducted on nights and weekends. It is currently considered to be Alpha quality. At the moment database upgrades are not a concern.

How To Help

Emperor is in very active development and may change dramatically before a 1.0 release. Feel free to follow this repo, create issues or contact me at <>.


Emperor is written in Scala and uses the Play framework. It is written to work with PostgreSQL and uses an embedded or standalone ElasticSearch instance.

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