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Graasp is an online education platform. We like to call it a "Learning experience platform". We are developing an open platform for educators and students, allowing them to create, consume, share and analyze in a single place. We believe that high quality education material deserves to be shared and accessible to everyone. If you are interested in what we have to offer please visit our website

You are here in our Github Organisation. This is where we develop the Graasp platform as an open source project.

If you know programming and would like to help us by contributing some code please look at the open issues and mention the @graasp/dev to let us know you would like to tackle this issue. We primarily use Typescript and React.js.

If you do not know programming you can still help us by reporting bugs and proposing features in our Graasp Feedback Repo. We also are eager to hear about your experience on the platform. Do not hesitate to drop us an email at


We have a documentation website where we publish content for developers (high level documentation, start-up guides, troubleshooting etc). This site is also where we publish news and updates in the form of blog posts. If you want to keep up to date, you can add our RSS feed.

Developing with us

To get started developing with us head to the development start-up guide for some information on how to setup your development environment and run the project locally.


  1. graasp graasp Public

    Backend code repository for the Graasp platform

    TypeScript 3 2

  2. graasp-app-starter-ts-vite graasp-app-starter-ts-vite Public template

    A starter template for graasp apps in Typescript with Vite.

    TypeScript 2

  3. graasp-builder graasp-builder Public

    Web client for the Graasp Platform

    TypeScript 5 5

  4. graasp-library graasp-library Public

    Discover collections of online educational resources.

    TypeScript 2

  5. graasp-player graasp-player Public

    TypeScript 1

  6. graasp-feedback graasp-feedback Public

    Feature requests, bug reports, and user feedback from across the Graasp ecosystem.



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