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Tim Berglund
Tim Berglund Web example
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ant-antbuilder Improved AntBuilder example May 24, 2011
ant-antdependsongradle Added example of linkage between Ant and Gradle tasks May 25, 2011
ant-classpathgradletoant Added Ant classpath from Gradle to Ant and Ant to Gradle examples May 25, 2011
ant-closuresforantbuilder Ant nested closures example May 25, 2011
ant-customtaskuse Put an output message (note) for the intentionally failing checkstyle… Oct 22, 2011
ant-define-property Improved properties example for use - Gradle and Ant interop. May 20, 2011
ant-dolast Adding example runs 1 through 4 on the ant-dolast example Jun 27, 2011
ant-groovypower Pluralizing char to chars to indicate it is being used as a string, n… Jun 6, 2011
ant-import-to-gradle Added example of importing an entire Ant build into Gradle, maintaini… Apr 28, 2011
ant-simple-echo Refactoring the Ant project names for clarity May 24, 2011
buildscript-markdown An example of using the buildscript {} block Dec 12, 2012
complex-file-copy Adding an example-runner for the complex file copying example Oct 22, 2011
file-collection-lab Fixed bug in the Spring application context file of the file collecti… Mar 23, 2012
file-operations-lab Added some examples to illustrate FileCollection API Mar 21, 2012
filtering Fixed copyAndHash example Mar 20, 2012
hello-minimal-build-file Renaming all tasks and hello world samples to have a common prefix to… Jun 5, 2011
hello-minimal-java-build-file Renaming all tasks and hello world samples to have a common prefix to… Jun 5, 2011
hello-nativeexecute Shell execution example on a Mac Jul 18, 2011
hello-smart-exclusions Adding a smart exclusions example Jun 22, 2011
hello-two-task-build-file Renaming all tasks and hello world samples to have a common prefix to… Jun 5, 2011
hooks-addrule Converted ping rule example to HTTP reachability Oct 31, 2012
hooks-afterevaluate Changes to afterevaluate hooks Oct 14, 2012
hooks-afterevaluateonsubproject Improvements to hooks afterevaluation example Oct 22, 2011
hooks-rule-class First pass at the rule hooks examples Nov 8, 2012
java-build-with-resources Added JavaExec task to java-build-with-resources Nov 10, 2012
maven-gradle-comparison-configinstall Code examples, first pass Mar 18, 2011
maven-gradle-comparison-defaulttasks Creating new demo project for default tasks Apr 11, 2011
maven-gradle-comparison-dependency-fields Got all tests working Apr 28, 2011
maven-gradle-comparison-dependency-groovy Made long lines wrap better for the book Jun 6, 2011
maven-gradle-comparison-dependency-iterateprint Sample build that prints all dependencies Jun 6, 2011
maven-gradle-comparison-dependency-simplest Got all tests working Apr 28, 2011
maven-gradle-comparison-simple Building code for the simplest maven to gradle comparison example Mar 19, 2011
maven-gradle-comparison-tests Removing the default task, since that can be introduced later Mar 20, 2011
maven-gradle-comparison-withallattrs Removing the default task, since that can be introduced later Mar 20, 2011
maven-gradle-comparison-withattrs Removing the default task, since that can be introduced later Mar 20, 2011
maven-m2metadataplugin Gradle m2metadata plugin example May 26, 2011
maven-multiplesourcedirs Adding directory via a second (method call) approach in the multiples… Jun 7, 2011
maven-properties-comparison Renaming all tasks and hello world samples to have a common prefix to… Jun 5, 2011
maven-smallest-maven-pom Renamed smallest maven POM example and added a run script to convert … May 26, 2011
maven-uploadlocal Added example for local repo deploy of Maven artifacts May 26, 2011
maven-uploadwebdav Maven webdev upload example May 26, 2011
multiproject-eclipse-plugin Added runners to multiproject examples Oct 22, 2011
multiproject-individual Updated the multiproject-individual project Dec 12, 2012
multiproject-unified Added runners to multiproject examples Oct 22, 2011
other-clarifying-confusing-syntax Added runner to clarifying example Oct 22, 2011
other-printalldependencies Added runner to printing of dependencies Oct 22, 2011
other-weld Adding readme for Weld example May 31, 2011
plugins Added plugins example Oct 14, 2012
rename Added rename examples Jan 5, 2012
tasks-copy-task Ignore target output directory Oct 22, 2011
tasks-custom-task Renaming all tasks and hello world samples to have a common prefix to… Jun 5, 2011
tasks-dag-diagram Renamed tasks DAG diagram May 25, 2011
tasks-jar-task Fix driver script. Sep 14, 2012
tasks-javaexec-task Merge commit 'refs/pull/1/head' of… Oct 29, 2012
tasks-task-lab Fix driver to also run onlyIf with property set to illustrate task be… Sep 14, 2012
testing-geb Geb execution test harness May 26, 2011
testing-integration Updating integration test example to run the integration tests May 26, 2011
testing-junit Added simple junit test example May 25, 2011
testing-spock Spock execution test harness May 26, 2011
testing-testng Ignoring IntelliJ bin directory Jun 22, 2011
web-hello-world Web example Dec 24, 2012
.gitignore Added a new multiproject build with an example of how to use the Ecli… Jul 8, 2011 Adding a readme Mar 18, 2011
test-all-builds.bsh Sleep upon error in running all the builds (test harness) so that the… Nov 5, 2011

This is the set of sample projects for the O'Reilly Gradle Book series.

Please feel free to send pull requests that make the use of Gradle or Groovy more idiomatic. Additional samples are also welcomed.

Each project should have a and a run-example.bsh script. The script allows for executions user would type at the command line to showcase that particular example in action.

Thanks, Matthew McCullough & Tim Berglund, Authors

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