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GRAFT's Next Generation Proof-of-Stake based Blockchain for Merchant Tokens and Beyond

The main goal of LYRA is creating a platform capable of issuing and collecting (redeeming) tokens as payments alongside traditional transactions. Such system has to be fast (point of sale fast), support unlimited throughput (TPS), be elastically scalable and eventually fully decentralized.

Lyra uses the latest techniques in DAG-style blocklist/blockchain design, such as delegated proof of stake, sharding, and applies them to the tokenized financial payment network space, solving the TPS and size issues present in other blockchains on the market.

In fact Lyra possesses a lot of unique and interesting characteristics that make it a perfect fit for a lot of token implementations that benefit from point-of-sale compatibility.

  • DAG-style block lattice architecture
  • Super Light Clients / Wallets
  • Very High Scalability (tps)
  • Fungible and Non-fungible Tokens
  • Pre-programmed Smart Contracts
  • Instant Transactions
  • Built-in Instant Decentralized Token Exchange Capability
  • Compatible with Point of Sale
  • Flexible Transaction Fee Structure

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