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Rhythmbox Artist Prefix Plugin

A plugin for the Rhythmbox music player that allows your music library to be
sorted by artist name ignoring certain prefixes in artist names. For example,
you can ignore "The" in "The Beatles" to sort their music under 'B' instead of

The plugin works by querying the Rhythmbox database for artists with the given
prefixes and that don't currently have a sort order defined (which allows the
user to manually override the sort order derived by the plugin). So long as the
plugin is active it will watch the database for changes too. The first time you
run the plugin it will automatically add an entry to the sort order of all
tracks returned by the query and if you leave it running then any time Rhythmbox
finds new tracks matching the query their sort order will be updated as well.
Whenever the plugin is notified of a track by an artist such as "The Beatles"
and that track doesn't already have a sort order, it will chop off "The" from
the artist name and add the remainder (in this case "Beatles") to the artist
sort order property for that track.

For more information, including installation and configuration instructions
please refer to the web site at


Rhythmbox Artist Prefix Plugin