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@Nick-Hall Nick-Hall released this Jul 26, 2021

Version 5.1.4 - a new maintenance release, has been released.

Make sure to backup before you upgrade.

Changes since v5.1.3:

  • Update translations: cs, de, es, fi, fr, hu, nl, pt_BR, ru, sv, zh_CN.
  • Update copyright date.
  • Fix probably alive if death without date.
  • Place editor, copy and paste of lat and long text no longer auto-populating latitude and longitude fields.
  • Fix for crash when changing views if part of toolbar is not shown because of a small screen when changing views.
  • Fix bottombar always showing after restart, even when not wanted.
  • Always use filtered collation names. Store the Sqlite3 collations in the __collations array to short-circuit re-creation.
  • Fix issue with German relation calculator fixed issue when more than 24 generations between the two people.
  • Add file logging for macOS. When Gramps is launched from macOS's LaunchServices it doesn't have a sys.stderr attached so the default stream logger goes to /dev/null. Use a FileHandler in tht case, writing the log to $TMPDIR/gramps-pid.log. This will help particularly in analyzing crashes where python shuts down as there's no crash report in that case.
  • Fix libplaceview to avoid exception when mapservice is no longer present.
  • Fix References Gramplet for inadequate updates when other objects change.
  • Fix geofamily crash if a family has no father.
  • Home Person setting does not convey in a merge.
  • Fix CSV export of view to only put single CR character.
  • Add Media filter rule 'HasMedia' to list of media rules for editor.
  • Need to set locale.textdomain under linux. _build_popup_ui() ignores translated strings without locale.textdomain set.
  • Change category of 'MatchesEventFilter'.
  • Fix issue where separator between top and bottom bar of View creeps up.
  • Fix Locations Gramplet (Enclosed by) to properly display certain nested places when the smallest place has undated enclosure and larger places are dated.
  • Fix Family Tree Manager drop error on Windows.
  • Fix exportvcalendar error is "is not" with a literal (Python 3.8 issue)
  • Handle not found when copying source from the citation tree.
  • Fix call to 'file' function, which doesn't exist in Python3.
  • Fix write_lock_file exception when USERNAME is missing.
  • Fix EditPlace so Tab key doesn't get stuck on Private icon.
  • Fix Tag report for places that have a hierarchy.
  • Fix exception when cancelling out of a db upgrade in GUI.
  • Icon file changes:
    • Install 128x128 and 256x256 application icons.
    • Install MIME type icons into the hicolor theme.
    • Remove gnome-mime- prefix from icon filenames.
    • Install application icons into correct directories.
  • Fix error in Birthday and Anniversary report. Fixes an error triggered when the first person_handle in the list has a death event, but no birth event and does not have family relationships. These conditions lead to the local variable short_name not being declared before it comes time to process death events.
  • Fix graphdoc to properly escape characters in ids for Graphviz.
  • Replace inspect.stack() with inspect.currentframe(). Works around Python issue #12920 which causes every call to inspect.trace() to fail because __main__ is always the starting point.
  • Fix crash sorting on columns in Selectors with TreeModels.
  • Fix progress bar freeze due to changes in Gtk.
  • Fix svgdrawdoc for text containing XML invalid characters.
  • Mac:
    • Update PyICU to 2.7.2 in macOS build.
    • Update dependencies. Includes moving berkeleydb and pybsddb over from gtk-osx.
    • Further changes for bundling with Python 3.8.
    • Set __file__ if is run as __main__.
    • Add geocode-glib to build.
    • Note: TLS changes have forced an update of gnutls that builds correctly only on macOS 13 or later. The minimum required is still macOS X 10.9 but libsqlite3 crashes during shutdown on 10.9. This appears to be harmless: all data are already written to the database, but macOS will put up an "unexpectedly quit" message and the database will be locked at start up. macOS X 10.11 and later seem not to be affected.
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Sep 16, 2020
Tag 5.2.0-dev2
Sep 16, 2020
Tag 5.2.0-dev1

@prculley prculley released this Aug 12, 2020

Version 5.1.3 - a new maintenance release, has been released.

Make sure to backup before you upgrade.

Changes since v5.1.2:

  • Update ca, de, fi, fr, ja, pl, ru, sl, sv, uk, zh_CN translation
  • Events View: "Main Participants" column does not show the full list
    of participants when expanded.
  • mac/gramps.modules: Use current Gtk release instead of Gtk-3.14.
  • mac/gramps.modules: Upgrade pymodules for Python 3.8 compatibility.
  • Fix XML export when 'Group-as" name contains XML invalid chars
  • Fix NarWeb: Province place-type is not displayed
  • Fix ManagedWindow so that new windows don't appear offscreen when
    system 'screen' sizes change in part time multi-monitor setups.
  • Fix menus when db fails to open due to upgrade/downgrade etc.
  • Fix issue with attach source tool, results panel
  • Fix GEDCOM export; don't include ADDR when address is missing
  • EditPlace: Allow Coordinates containing a comma instead of a period
  • NarrativeWeb:
    • Should show patronymic in individuals.
      In the individuals and in surnames pages, we should show the
      complete name like defined in the display tab from the narrative web
    • Fix Narrated Website Google Maps Output JS Warning SensorNotRequired
    • Fix incorrect link type for osm css files
    • Fix image size limit doesn't match tooltip
  • Update all translations for changes from 'Default' to 'Home' Person
  • Change GUI references to 'Home Person' instead of 'Default Person'
  • Use event attribute types in the event reference editor.
    In the event reference editor, custom event attribute types should
    be used rather than the default person attribute types.
  • Fix Verify tool bug caused by bad change in GObject introspection
  • Fix RemoveUnused tool for crash caused by Gtk introspection bug
  • Fix import test for change cause by previous change which was:
    Fix GEDCOM import for bad source title when sources precede references.
  • Fix GEDCOM import for bad source title when sources precede references.
  • Fix some reports for CLI where warning message about Value not found
  • Fix Genealogy Tree reports for crash in CLI
  • Add uistate to tree views filter initialization
  • Fix some Python syntax errors that appear in v3.8.x
  • Suppress age = 0 days in events list. If the reference event date is equal
    to the event date, don't show the age except if the date is estimated,
    calculated, etc.
  • Fix Dashboard Gramplets to update during db close when not shown
  • Fix Windows GUI mode startup for crash with some languages
  • Fix dbapi to support "Abandon Changes & Quit" feature
  • Fix GrampsType for comparison bug with empty string as one value
  • Fix Date Display so that it uses LC_TIME if defined
  • Fix StyledText so serialize will match for style list order changes
  • Try to fix exceptions on ManagedWindow close
  • Fix Mac SQLite3 locale bug when locale contains non-ascii characters
  • Fix issue when Person has Same date of birth and death; gives an error.
  • Geography: add a popup for a bad tiles path
  • Fix GEDCOM export of estimated/calculated dates with modifers

A note on the AIO; A change was made to hopefully stop windows from
getting hidden behind others while active. Please report any issues in this area.

A second note for AIO; a 5.1.3-2 now includes prerequisites to allow
PlaceCoordinateGramplet to work correctly.

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@prculley prculley released this Jan 10, 2020

Version 5.1.2 - a new maintenance release, has been released.

Make sure to backup before you upgrade.

Changes since v5.1.1:

  • Narweb: Private notes for home, intro and contact. If the notes are private,
    we can't use them in these pages.
    • Referenced regions problems. When image width > 800, the referenced
      regions are incorrectly placed
    • Ancestor's tree display looks weird Solves the following:
      • Person boxes overlap
      • Some person boxes partially visible or hidden
    • some cleanup in ancestortree.css
    • ancestor tree and long names.
    • Adapt ancestor tree css file for all themes
    • dates not localised in place pages
    • Mainz problem with short text in one note, Issue occurs on the homepage
      and introduction page.
    • bad event links on media pages
    • Navweb: Don't use media regions in some case:
      • If we don't show families
      • If we don't show events
      • Don't show the media regions for a thumbnail
  • WEBCAL: home link translated to lowercase
    • Wrong web calendar title on home page. This solves the possibility to
      have ">", "<" in the title
  • Update LDS Temple list
  • Make GuiDestinationOption Folder Icon start in users directory
  • Allow import file filter to accept case insensitive extensions
  • Fix db to warn/prevent opening newer schema versions
  • Fix Progen import dialog and progress meter for correct parent window
  • Fix Progen import to correctly handle AKA surnames
  • Fix ExportPkg so errors are not lost, and has progress bar for media
  • Fix Export Assistant so error messages get correct parent window
  • Fix GEDCOM import when family is missing; import created a missing note
  • Fix Dashboard for adding Gramplet crash in Slovenian
  • Update cs, ca, fr, uk, he, fi, hr, de, sv translation
  • Update date parsing for czech locale
  • Fix Spanish translation for dates
  • fix private proxy tagref support. Add missing code for event, repository,
    source, citation and place
  • [Tree doc Tex] fix "-" char on place name "-" can lead to confusion,
    generating text out of the box with PDF file format
  • [Tree doc Tex] fix typo on custom size
  • Fix duplicated "døde døde" Norwegion Translation for libnarrate
  • Fix up Event Editors Place display for bidi text with Gramps ID
  • Fix issues with RTL languages and LAT/LONG
    • Fix display of GPS coordinates in Places view for RTL languages
    • Fix place editor lat/long entry for RTL languages
  • Fix GEDCOM export to avoid translated GrampsType strings
  • Allow Tools with Notbook tabs to expand to fill the window
  • Limit Age Stats gramplet settings to appropriate values.
    • Max ages should be divisible by 5 to avoid out of range errors.
    • The chart width should be greater than 45 to look right and
      avoid division by zero errors.
  • Fix the Preferences 'Age display precision' value getting lost
  • Fix Window family tree title for non-ASCII chars on Windows
  • Fix Preferences/Genealogical Symbols when only one font is present
  • Fix various Entry fields so Undo/Redo works
  • Fix tag colors on PedigreeView
  • Fix Gramps -v error when Gtk is not present
  • Fix for PedigreeView not reflecting changes to birthday or death
  • ODF DOC - Fix improper escaping in odt output for TOC/Bookmark etc.
  • Fix CLI parser to accept negative integers as valid
  • Fix Descendant Tree report for HandleError when no parents on family
  • Fix Reorder ID tool so subsequent db additions used next possible ID
  • Upgrade export VCalendar to v2.0, so can export all utf8 characters
  • Fix Preferences so PageUp/PageDn doesn't stick on Dates tab
  • Graphs: Escape for name, dates and places in graph reports with XML
    illegal characters
  • Fix 'Go' menu direct object selection, goes to wrong place
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@Nick-Hall Nick-Hall released this Sep 14, 2019

Version 5.1.1 - a new maintenance release, has been released.

Make sure to backup before you upgrade.

Changes since v5.1.0:

  • Update translations: cs, de, fi, fr, he, hr, pt_PT, ru, sv
  • Disable development warning message
  • Add options to sandclock in tree document generator
  • Using regex in the sidebar gives different result from previous gramps release
  • Fix odt output when db owner has XML unfriendly chars
  • Update README
    • Bump required Python version to 3.3
    • Add optional fontconfig package
  • Fix CLI crash when generating reports
  • Fix Statusbar HandleError on merge families
  • Fix missing tooltip translations in the Note editor toolbar
  • Fix bugs in withinarea filter rule
    • Avoid bad coordinates in the ref place
    • Avoid alphabetic characters in filter rules
    • Could not convert string to float by using withinarea filter rule
    • Difference between sidebar filter and filter rule
  • Fix Graph outputs for multiple page PDF Postscript
  • Fix to make Gtk 'action names' always valid
  • Fix missing menus/buttons when operating in non-English languages
  • Fix cursor position error in lat and long fields
  • Avoid all characters looking like a dash in 'Clean input data' tool
  • Mainz Style sheet weird looking
  • Fix bugs in relationship view
    • Set symbols for the active person
    • Set good symbols for marriage, baptism, cremation and burial
    • Reduce the size of the sexuality symbol
  • Fix exception when editing Note with italics/bold etc. in non English
  • Restore keybindings for gramplet bars
  • Fix bug in web connection menu launching incorrect web site
  • Fix translation problem when creating event filter
  • Error when checking option to add Quit to Taskbar
  • Make the narratives notes placement an option
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@prculley prculley released this Aug 21, 2019

Version 5.1.0 - a new major release, has been released 2019-08-21.

Make sure to backup before you upgrade..

  • Bump required Python version to 3.3, Gtk version 3.12

  • Update translations: ca, cs, da, de, en_GB, eo, fi, fr, hr, hu, is, it,
    nb, nn, pl, po, pt_BR, ru, sl, sv, uk, vi

  • Change default database backend to SQLite

  • New feature to allow Filter Rules to be added via addons.

  • New feature to use Genealogical symbols. Includes support for views and
    reports. Edit/Preferences/Genealogical Symbols to enable.

  • New: On restart after crash, offer to run Check & Repair

  • New CLI commands; 'safe' mode and 'default' to help user with debugging

  • Narrative web fix:

    • some strings not translated
    • The confidence and the date are not translated in the family map page.
    • The date doesn't use the specified date format.
    • Markers incorrectly placed. In the map pages, the markers are not placed
      where it should be. Reproducible when zoom in/zoom out.
    • Background not correctly set. If you use the Web_Basic-Cypress.css,
      the foreground and background use the same color, so you see nothing.
      You must hover the fields to see the text
    • Places list is not sorted depending on the selected language. If you
      start gramps in english or another language then try to generate a
      narrative web report in another language, the navigation alphabet is
      incorrect. This is true for the place list and the person list.
    • OSM forward all http resquest to https.
    • When we are on a mobile phone or a small device, we suppress the
      navigation tab. In place, we have a new icon on the upper left
      which is used to show the dropdown menu.
    • For Home, Introduction and Contact, If we have an image and this image
      contains regions, show the regions. We can go directly to the person page
      associated to this region. If we click on the image, we go directly to
      the associated media page. This will be true only if we selected
      "include images and media objects" and "create and only use thumbnail"
      is unselected
    • The first line identifying a family will be more legible.
      The link is not useful in the parents and pedigree section for the
      current person.
    • Adapt some css files.
    • sort the place references either by date or by name.
    • Add extra page to narrativeweb.
    • extrapage can now point to joomla, drupal, ...
    • add enclosed by and encloses (place)
    • Add compact Ancestry trees using Buchheim/Walker algorithm
      This enhancement adds a new 'compact' field to the Narrated Web Report.
      A compact tree is one that is not a simple binary layout but uses the
      algorithm of Buchheim/Walker to create a layout that is sensible but also
      compact. Creating a compact layout is slower than a simple binary tree
      but the results are significantly improved and do not leave large areas
      of whitespace where there are no nodes to be shown.
    • Make relationships optional in narrative web
    • Option to have Places and Sources pages
    • Narrative should come first right after the name, gender and parent
      information in individual page
    • References section at the bottom of each place with people related to this
      place have birth year behind it in parenthesis
    • Sort "Surname" web page by given name and birth date.
    • Surname list doesn't use default name format
    • Display Lat/Lon optionally on places list page
  • Update the uimanager to avoid deprecated Gtk warnings (changes things not
    visible to the user):

    • Add config option to use Toolbar Text
    • Fix duplicated accelerators in charts <ctrl>P for print is now
  • Geography:

    • fix pins very big when related to 2 places
    • add color for custom places name
  • fan charts view: Add option to show the Gramps ID in parenthesis in the fan

  • Gramps 'Views' are now named in the window header

  • Allow Home person to be set in Relationship and Charts/Pedigree view

  • Filter Rule editor, save pane position

  • Person Sidebarfilter:

    • Fix Person Sidebarfilter when using 'Event' and Reg expressions
    • In personsidebarfilter, search on each part of name Instead of requiring
      that the entire search string matches a single one of the Person's names,
      the function will require that each word in the search string matches any
      of the Person's name fields.
  • filters rule has attribute: Check all values of an attribute type and not
    only the first one.

  • filters rule have children person filter: Check all families of a person
    for children and not only the first

  • Graph reports:

    • Better typography in graph reports Replace hyphen with en-dash.
    • enable Graphviz node port selection, optionable. This enables the
      headport and tailport attributes for all edges in the Graphviz file.
      The default (off) value makes the arrows between persons and/or family
      nodes attach their ends to the respective node at any position. When this
      option is selected, the position facing the node on the other side of the
      arrow is always chosen.
    • Fix graphs on Windows for font selection not working
  • relationship graph:

    • Allow an option to not use hexagons for those of unknown gender
    • Father and Mother are connected by an invisible line.
    • Add an option to omit "irrelevant" family nodes
  • Family lines graph: Replace rounded corners checkbox by dropdown
    It now allows rounded corners to be set more explicitly for different
    genders (None/Male/Female/Both).

  • Hourglass graph:

    • Add Ahnentafel option on hourglass
    • Do not use hyphen for living persons in hourglass graph
  • edit link: Add a mailto choice to Internet Address

  • New Clean input data tool: New tool to suppress leading and trailing spaces.
    This tool is looking for people and place names with leading or/and trailing
    spaces. For each entry which contains leading or trailing spaces, a row is
    added in a table. You can see where the spaces are for each row as the name
    is underlined. If you double click on the row, you can edit the Place or
    the Person.

  • CSV import: Add occupation and residence events and attributes in the import
    User can now add the following columns in the csv import file for a person:

    • Occupation description
    • Occupation date
    • Occupation place
    • Occupation source
    • Residence date
    • Residence place
    • Residence source
    • Attribute type
    • Attribute value
    • Attribute source
      the corresponding events will be added to the person. The user can put
      several lines for the same person if two occupations are known, one event
      per line will be created.
    • Fix CSV import for multiple place enclosed by on multiple imports
  • Pro-Gen import: expanded functionality and fixed minor bugs.

  • Enhance layout of the preferences dialog

  • Webcal:

    • better help msg for the after year option.
    • Include only events after year
    • add death event
  • Edit Person/Family/etc. Gallery Tab: Add buttons for arrangement of
    GalleryTab media order

  • Add tooltip for Gramplet Bar To improve discoverability of the Gramplet Bar
    Menu (Currently a nameless down arrow at end of each Gramplet bar title tab)

  • Use theme settings for the error state of entry widgets. This avoids
    problems with dark themes.

  • vCalendar export: Convenient display on mobile devices.

  • Add first class support for Occupation attribute

  • Statistics chart:

    • Add option to hide empty information on statistics chart
    • the Statistics Chart report will show a year as an ordinal number in
  • Detailed descendant report: Show death/burial information only if person
    is probably dead

  • Birthday report:

    • Include death anniversaries as an option in the birthdays and anniversary
    • Added an option to the birthday report that allows for the year of birth
      (or in the case of a wedding it's year) to be printed in the report.
    • Added symbols to the birthdays report showing the type of event
    • Fixed the birthday report so the dead icon is able to be set within the
      options window
    • Added a text option to have a string that will show after a persons name
      in the birthday and anniversary report. This works for both birthdays and
  • Selection Dialogs: fix to avoid long delay before display on large trees

  • Geography Maps:

    • Changed behavior of "Look up with Map Services" Removed the section that
      looked up by city, and country from the Map Services lookup for Google and
      Open Street Map.
    • Geocoding: associate a lat/lon to a place name
  • End of Line Report: sort generation during output

  • update the German date handler: added some missing Latin month names and
    some old German month names

  • Relative Gramplet: Person Relatives Tab should use the type from the

  • Fix crash when addon/plugin contains an id with space

  • Fix Delete dialogs: to support canceling the multiple deletes operation
    more easily

  • Fix Find Duplicate People; exception when deleting someone shown outside
    of the tool

  • Fix CLI import so that different db types can be used

  • MetaData Viewer Gramplet: Fix so that metadata is actually detected and

  • Fix exception when merging with active sidebar filter

  • Fix GEDCOM importer for SOUR/REFN combinations

  • Add support for GEDCOM import _FREL/_MREL tags in INDI/FAMC

  • Improve support for GEDCOM export of _FREL/_MREL in INDI/FAMC

  • The Windows installer should now support itself in the users language, and should pre-select the Gramps translation and dictionary files appropriate for that language

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@prculley prculley released this Aug 18, 2019

Version 5.0.2 - a maintenance release, has been released 2019-08-08.

Make sure to backup before you upgrade..

  • Update translations: cs, da, de, fi, fr, hr, it, ru, sl, sv
  • Fix some Gramplets not updating during tree changes after db change.
  • Fix Events Grampslet for bad sort order on dates/ages
  • Fix References Tab to update on Deletes of items when editor is open
  • Fix GEDCOM import for better support of TMG
  • Fix Edit Link 'New' button to work
  • Fix GEDCOM importer to properly handle multiple surnames per 5.5.1
  • Narrative web: Sort problem with places.
  • Fix Navigator sidebar so can change view type with proper resize
  • Fix crash when using sidebar filter and merging in another view
  • Fix AncestorTree so add siblings to center person works
  • Fix graphs on Windows for font selection not working
  • Fix dbapi reindex_reference_maps tool to properly close transaction
  • Fix zoom via mouse wheel in media event editor selectionwidget, also fixes
    zooming with scroll bars always present
  • Fix metadata viewer so that metadata is actually detected and displayed
  • Avoid comma in a lat/lon entry field.
  • Avoid invalid characters and leading or trailing spaces in the entry field
  • Fix crash for multiple deletes in one transaction
  • Adjust translation strings for unmarried partners to give correct text in English
  • Fix failure after Gedcom import if missing objects were found
  • Mac: Fix none type has no len() error.
    Set correct font resolution when drawing text directly to cairo.
  • Fix Gedcom import so it doesn't create completely empty Birth events
  • Fix Relationship view so ages are according to Preferences
  • Fix Person Editor Events to properly update during external changes like
    Event delete or update.
  • Gedcom import/export fixes for mime and finding media
  • Fix Unhandled exception in Geography editor
  • Fix relationship path between filter rule when parent is missing
  • Fix Graphs that use graphdoc pdf via Ghostscript with multi-page for poor
    font rendering of some characters
  • Fix finddupes tool when run from Match Threshold screen again after merge.
  • Fix Gedcom import for multiple notes on OBJE (MULTIMEDIA_LINK)
  • Deal with SQLite db corrupted by None name mapping
  • Fix XML import to add tags to Events, Sources, Places, Repos, Cits when
  • Fix for delete of a referenced primary obj while editing an added obj.
    Also fixed to update the referenced obj on changes from outside the editor.
  • Fix Place Tree view when using enclosed by sidebar filter
  • Fix EditFamily for adding a child to single parent family with Surname
    guessing set to combination.
  • Fix Descendent Tree report for crash when person has multiple families
    and one of them doesn't have a spouse.
  • Fix Name editor crash after clearing a group_as name on dbapi dbs
  • When we merge two objects:
    We should stay on the selected row in list views.
    In case we select the first family and select the gramps_id of the second
    family, the new gramps_id is ignored
  • Fix Relationship Graph; extra people when using filters & subgraphs
  • Fix Place Format Editor file save/load for difficult names
  • Fix Not all place types appears on family lines Graph
  • Remember location of Sort Events Tool
  • Fix Media editor when using double click the preview of added media
  • Avoid leading and trailing spaces when copy/paste coordinates from a
    map provider.
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@prculley prculley released this Dec 20, 2018

Version 5.0.1, a new maintenance release, has been released 2018-12-20.

Make sure to backup before you upgrade...

Changes since 5.0.0:

  • Media Manager: add help button and remove '...'
  • Edit/Preferences: add Help button
  • Style Editor, Document Styles dialog: add help buttons
  • Fix Select Person dialog Help button URL
  • Fix Select Repository dialog Help button URL
  • Relationship Calculator: Add help button
  • Reorder Relationships dialog; add Help button
  • Generate Book Dialog; Fix Help URL
  • Manage Book dialog; add help button
  • Fix Detached Gramplets Help button URL when 'help_url' not in .gpr
  • Fix help URLs when they contain illegal characters and to match
    wiki section targetID algorithm Issue
  • Update translations: hu, hr, de, ru, fi, pt_PT, fr, sv, sl
  • Fix contents of enclosed_by secondary dbapi column
    (fixes scrambled places in tree view)
  • Google maps URL problem
  • Fix ODT reports with links when run in non-English languages
  • Allow addon Reports to specify a help button URL for options dialog
  • Fix Rebuild Secondary Indexes tool for dbapi backends.
    For dbapi backends, this tool will update the secondary columns that
    are used for indexing.
  • Fix dbapi set_name_group_mapping to properly close transaction
  • Fix Russian date handler crash when Russian language isn't installed
  • Fix Quickview for missing table data on some Gtk Versions
  • Fix startup messages when command line contains a bad filename
  • Restrict Place view Name col to the primary name while allowing searchbar
    to find alt and primary names
  • Fix Person Sidebarfilter when using 'Event' and Reg expressions
  • Fix Find Duplicate People; exception when deleting someone shown outside
    of the tool
  • Gedcom export, upgrade OBJE handling to Gedcom 5.5.1 style
  • Fix CSV import to set marriage event role to family
  • Update gramps bugtracker URL in all po files
  • Narrative Web:
    • thumbnails bad alignment.
    • thumbnails problems in some cases.
    • use latest version from openlayers.
    • fixes Space between place, description and the event note
      when there are many sources.
    • Change the css order between print and screen. The chosen theme can erase
      prior values.
    • Add a width for the source column in all themes.
    • Events difficult to read (screen and mobile)
  • Fix typo in CitationListModel for sort change
  • Fix Adding "ToDo" note crash when no active object
  • Fix Citation List view Source Last Changed Column to sort properly
  • Fix for re-entrant main window close when user hits 'x' again
  • Fix exception when closing early editor in tree of editors
  • Fix 'Generate Book' dialog for crash on 'x' close
  • Fix ToDo Gramplet for multiple attempts to edit a note
  • Fix Dashboard for multiple copies of a Gramplet
  • Fix Dashboard to recall minimized or undocked Gramplets
  • Fix Statusbar update to avoid intermittent exception on closed db
  • Fix FilterParser for much older 3.x custom_filters.xml files
  • Fix IsDuplicatedAncestorOf filter rule to avoid crash on tree loop
  • Fix StyledTextEditor EditLink for root text changed to zero length
    in the background Fixes
  • Fix AgeOnDate and some reports using SimpleAccess for missing surname
  • Fix crash when a filter with loop in definition is defined
  • Fix HandleErrors related to LDS
  • Fix ReferencedBySelection proxy for 'None' LDS Parents
  • Fix HandleError in Citations Gramplet for lds place missing
  • Change PlaceView drag from whole row to just icon during drag
  • Add drag Icon to drags from DisplayTabs Gramplet lists
  • Fix dialogs for 'Help' button closes the dialog, and non-functional 'Help'
  • Fix Family Tree manager for 'Help' button closes dialog
  • Fix selectors for 'Help' button closes dialog
  • Fix 'Generate Book' dialog for 'Help' button closes dialog
  • Fix TestcaseGenerator for 'Help' button closes dialog
  • Fix Selectors to enable the 'Help' buttons to actually work
  • Avoid HandleError when dragging an Added Family from EditFamily
  • Avoid HandleError when dragging an Added Person from EditPerson
  • Fix Clipboard rows cannot be sorted via drag/drop
  • Better default directory choices for import/export file dialogs
  • Records Report: call name not underlined in HTML
  • Fix InteractiveSearch for find before model is populated
  • Fix Gedcom export for incorrect escaping with @#DFRENCH R@
  • Fix reports for shared event attribute and note errors
  • Fix Fan and Descendant Fan charts in Quadrant and Half Circle modes
    The Descendant Fan chart had several bugs:
    1. a bug that affected the centering of the chart for these modes
    2. the chart was drawn in the wrong quadrant
    3. the centering of the chart for printing was incorrect
      (the legend was off the page some of the time).
    4. the sizing of the chart for printing was incorrect
      (for very small charts of one generation, the legend would overwrite the
      The Fan Chart for the quadrant view:
    5. the centering of the chart for printing was incorrect
      (the legend was off the page some of the time).
  • Fixed issues in the Dutch relationship calculator
    • extended the ordinal and removed lists till 50, like the English lists.
    • Fixed bug in which uncles/aunts, nephews/nieces (niblings), siblings and
      cousins with an unknown gender show up as female.
    • Fixed some misspellings
  • Setting the year as an ordinal number in Croatian; two more reports now show
    a year as an ordinal number in Croatian
  • fix name-note is not being cleared in Complete Individual report
  • Fix View Column sizing so last column size setting is maintained
  • Fix view so column widths are preserved when using filters
  • fix the place-format option in Detailed Descendant and Detailed Ancestor text
  • Fix bsddb for person sort with empty Surname list
  • Webcal: link problems in some cases Year 2016 is highlighted by default
    instead of current year.
  • Webcal: Missing links when muliyear unselected
  • Geoclose: exception when a family has no father
  • Family Descendant Tree; fix HandleError
  • fix unhandled exception parsing "future dates" in some locales
  • fix Julian/Gregorian calendar issue when entering only year as date when
    running gramps in Norwegian
  • Fix and restore Statistics Gramplet to 4.2.x status
  • Fix Check and Repair to deal with bad references empty handle string
  • Speed up Check and Repair, backlinks check stage.
  • Fix strings containing deprecated (Python 3.6+) illegal escape sequences
  • Whatsnext: check if db is open, fixes error if not.
  • Fix usage of posixpath; should be os.path for os independence
  • Fix generate_checksum routine to avoid MemoryError crash
  • Fix corrupted Bookmarks that can happen after Gramps crash
  • Fix Merge Family when same parent is missing from both families
  • Fix c in view to get selected item to clipboard
  • Fix Quickview Gramplet so updates work when changing active
  • Fix place reference editor for bad cut/paste on set_latlongitude
  • Fix Find Database Loop Tool (bad import of _collections)
  • mac/gramps.modules: Switch included moduleset to
  • mac/gramps.bundle: File copy doesn't work if the glob can match directories.
  • mac/gramps.bundle: Install the docs/gramps directory in the bundle.
  • debian/changelog: Update the Debian changelog after the 5.0.0 release
  • mac/Info.plist, mac/gramps.modules: Release Gramps-5.0.0 on Mac.
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@Nick-Hall Nick-Hall released this Jul 24, 2018

Version 5.0.0, a new major release, has been released.

Think on backup.

Changes since 5.0.0-rc1:

  • Correct binary test logic for primary mask.
  • Fix BaseSelector to avoid long delay before display on large trees.
  • Export options > Gui alignment issue.
  • Fix dialog button order on non-Mac systems.
  • Update Debian directory after Gramps 5.0.0-rc1 release.
  • Fix Custom filter update when created via sidebar.
  • Fix Gramplet configure (View/Configure) for large options.
  • Fix IndexError crash in Statistics Charts.
  • [Mac] Change accel for Undo History. So that it doesn't conflict with a
    system binding for hiding the window.
  • Fix Family Lines/Family Colors picker for bad transient parent.
  • Fix import_as_dict to utilize user gramps_id prefixes.
  • Fix error when opening bsddb db in read-only mode.
  • Fix dbapi dbs for closeing read-only db crash.
  • Fix menus when operating with read-only db.
  • Fix Name formats to show all parts.
  • Fix dialogs for crash when canceling via 'x'.
  • Remove obsolete omeat-python-modules dependencies.
  • Update translations: cs, da, de, en_GB, eo, fi, hu, is, it, nb, pt_BR, ru, sk, uk, vi
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