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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# bts_tools - Tools to easily manage the bitshares client
# Copyright (c) 2014 Nicolas Wack <>
# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program. If not, see <>.
from . import core
from .core import hashabledict
from .feed_providers import FeedPrice, FeedSet
from collections import deque, defaultdict
from contextlib import suppress
from concurrent.futures import ThreadPoolExecutor
import threading
import itertools
import statistics
import json
import pendulum
import re
import logging
import math
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
"""BitAssets for which we check and publish feeds."""
FIAT_ASSETS = {'USD', 'CNY', 'EUR', 'GBP', 'CAD', 'CHF', 'HKD', 'MXN', 'RUB', 'SEK', 'SGD',
'AUD', 'TRY', 'KRW', 'JPY', 'NZD', 'ARS'}
"""List of feeds that should be shown on the UI and in the logs. Note that we
always check and publish all feeds, regardless of this variable."""
cfg = None
history_len = None
price_history = None
feeds = {}
feed_control = None
#nfeed_checked = 0
#visible_feeds = DEFAULT_VISIBLE_FEEDS
def load_feeds():
global cfg, history_len, price_history, visible_feeds, feed_control
cfg = core.config['monitoring']['feeds']
history_len = int(cfg['median_time_span'] / cfg['check_time_interval'])
price_history = {cur: deque(maxlen=history_len) for cur in BIT_ASSETS}
visible_feeds = cfg['bts'].get('visible_feeds', DEFAULT_VISIBLE_FEEDS)
feed_control = BitSharesFeedControl(cfg=cfg, visible_feeds=visible_feeds)
def get_multi_feeds(func, args, providers, stddev_tolerance=None):
result = FeedSet()
provider_list = []
def get_price(pargs):
args, provider = pargs
return provider, args, getattr(provider, func)(*args)
with ThreadPoolExecutor(max_workers=4) as e:
for f in [e.submit(get_price, pargs)
for pargs in itertools.product(args, providers)]:
with suppress(Exception):
provider, args, price = f.result()
return result
def is_valid_bit20_publication(trx):
check that the transaction is a valid one, ie:
- it contains a single operation
- it is a transfer from 'bittwenty' (1.2.111226) to 'bittwenty.feed' (1.2.126782)
note: this does not check the contents of the transaction, it only
authenticates it
# we only want a single operation
if len(trx['op']['op']) != 2: # (trx_id, content)
return False
# authenticates sender and receiver
trx_metadata = trx['op']['op'][1]
if trx_metadata['from'] != '1.2.111226': # 'bittwenty'
log.debug('invalid sender for bit20 publication: {}'.format(json.dumps(trx, indent=4)))
return False
if trx_metadata['to'] != '1.2.126782': # 'bittwenty.feed'
log.debug('invalid receiver for bit20 publication: {}'.format(json.dumps(trx, indent=4)))
return False
return True
except KeyError:
# trying to access a non-existent field -> probably looking at something we don't want
log.warning('invalid transaction for bit20 publication: {}'.format(json.dumps(trx, indent=4)))
return False
def get_bit20_feed(node, usd_price):
# read composition of the index
# need to import the following key to be able to decrypt memos
# import_key "announce" 5KJJNfiSyzsbHoVb81WkHHjaX2vZVQ1Fqq5wE5ro8HWXe6qNFyQ
if node.type().split('-')[0] != 'bts':
if not node.is_online():
log.warning('Wallet is offline, will not be able to read bit20 composition')
if not node.is_synced():
log.warning('Client is not synced yet, will not try to read bit20 composition')
if node.is_locked():
log.warning('Wallet is locked, will not be able to read bit20 composition')
bit20 = None # contains the composition of the feed
bit20feed = node.get_account_history('bittwenty.feed', 15)
if not bit20feed:
# import the 'announce' key to be able to read the memo publications'Importing the "announce" key in the wallet')
node.import_key('announce', '5KJJNfiSyzsbHoVb81WkHHjaX2vZVQ1Fqq5wE5ro8HWXe6qNFyQ')
# try again
bit20feed = node.get_account_history('bittwenty.feed', 15)
# find bit20 composition
for f in bit20feed:
if not is_valid_bit20_publication(f):
log.warning('Hijacking attempt of the bit20 feed? trx: {}'.format(json.dumps(f, indent=4)))
if f['memo'].startswith('COMPOSITION'):
last_updated ='\((.*)\)', f['memo'])
if last_updated:
last_updated = pendulum.from_format(, '%Y/%m/%d')
bit20 = json.loads(f['memo'].split(')', maxsplit=1)[1])
log.debug('Found bit20 composition, last update = {}'.format(last_updated))
log.warning('Did not find any bit20 composition in the last {} messages '
'to account bittwenty.feed'.format(len(bit20feed)))
log.warning('Make sure in the following order that:')
log.warning(' - your wallet is unlocked')
log.warning(' - your client is synced')
log.warning(' - if you use the "track-accounts" option, make sure to include 1.2.111226 and 1.2.126782 accounts')
log.warning(' - the "account_history" plugin is active and that your client is compiled to support it')
log.warning(' - you have imported the private key needed for reading bittwenty.feed memos: '
'import_key "announce" 5KJJNfiSyzsbHoVb81WkHHjaX2vZVQ1Fqq5wE5ro8HWXe6qNFyQ')
# look for custom market parameters
for f in bit20feed:
if not is_valid_bit20_publication(f):
log.warning('Hijacking attempt of the bit20 feed? trx: {}'.format(json.dumps(f, indent=4)))
if f['memo'].startswith('MARKET'):
# only take the most recent into account
market_params = json.loads(f['memo'][len('MARKET :: '):])
log.debug('Got market params for bit20: {}'.format(market_params))
# FIXME: this affects the global config object
params = cfg['bts']['asset_params']
params['BTWTY'] = {'maintenance_collateral_ratio': market_params['MCR'],
'maximum_short_squeeze_ratio': market_params['MSSR'],
'core_exchange_factor': params.get('BTWTY', {}).get('core_exchange_factor',
log.debug('Did not find any custom market parameters in the last {} messages '
'to account bittwenty.feed'.format(len(bit20feed)))
log.debug('Make sure that your wallet is unlocked and you have imported '
'the private key needed for reading bittwenty.feed memos: ')
log.debug('import_key "announce" 5KJJNfiSyzsbHoVb81WkHHjaX2vZVQ1Fqq5wE5ro8HWXe6qNFyQ')
if len(bit20['data']) < 3:
log.warning('Not enough assets in bit20 data: {}'.format(bit20['data']))
bit20_value_cmc = 0
cmc_missing_assets = []
bit20_value_cc = 0
coincap_missing_assets = []
providers = core.get_plugin_dict('bts_tools.feed_providers')
cmc_assets = providers.CoinMarketCap.get_all()
for bit20asset, qty in bit20['data']:
price = cmc_assets.price(bit20asset, 'USD')
log.debug('CoinMarketcap {} {} at ${} = ${}'.format(qty, bit20asset, price, qty * price))
bit20_value_cmc += qty * price
except ValueError as e:
log.debug('Unknown asset on CMC: {}'.format(bit20asset))
except Exception as e:
log.warning('Could not get bit20 assets feed from CoinMarketCap: {}'.format(e))
cmc_missing_assets = [asset for asset, qty in bit20['data']]
coincap_assets = providers.CoinCap.get_all()
for bit20asset, qty in bit20['data']:
price = coincap_assets.price(bit20asset, 'USD')
#log.debug('CoinCap {} {} at ${} = ${}'.format(qty, bit20asset, price, qty * price))
bit20_value_cc += qty * price
except ValueError as e:
log.debug('Unknown asset on CoinCap: {}'.format(bit20asset))
except Exception as e:
log.warning('Could not get bit20 assets feed from CoinCap: {}'.format(e))
coincap_missing_assets = [asset for asset, qty in bit20['data']]
bit20_feeds = FeedSet()
cmc_feed = FeedPrice(bit20_value_cmc, 'BTWTY', 'USD', provider=providers.CoinMarketCap.NAME)
cc_feed = FeedPrice(bit20_value_cc, 'BTWTY', 'USD', provider=providers.CoinCap.NAME)
# TODO: simple logic, could do something better here
# take the feed for the providers that provide a price for all the assets inside the index
# if none of them can (ie: they all have at least one asset that is not listed), then we
# take the weighted mean anyway, and hope for the best...
if not cmc_missing_assets:
if not coincap_missing_assets:
if not bit20_feeds:
log.warning('No provider could provider feed for all assets:')
log.warning('- CoinMarketCap missing: {}'.format(cmc_missing_assets))
log.warning('- CoinCap missing: {}'.format(coincap_missing_assets))
raise core.NoFeedData('Could not get any BTWTY feed')
bit20_value = bit20_feeds.price(stddev_tolerance=0.02)
log.debug('Total value of bit20 asset: ${}'.format(bit20_value))
# get bit20 value in BTS
bit20_value /= usd_price
log.debug('Value of the bit20 asset in BTS: {} BTS'.format(bit20_value))
return 1 / bit20_value
def get_hertz_feed(reference_timestamp, current_timestamp, period_days, phase_days, reference_asset_value, amplitude):
"""Given the reference timestamp, the current timestamp, the period (in days), the phase (in days), the reference asset value (ie 1.00) and the amplitude (> 0 && < 1), output the current hertz value.
You can use this for an alternative HERTZ asset!
hz_reference_timestamp = pendulum.parse(reference_timestamp).timestamp() # Retrieving the Bitshares2.0 genesis block timestamp
hz_period = pendulum.SECONDS_PER_DAY * period_days
hz_phase = pendulum.SECONDS_PER_DAY * phase_days
hz_waveform = math.sin(((((current_timestamp - (hz_reference_timestamp + hz_phase))/hz_period) % 1) * hz_period) * ((2*math.pi)/hz_period)) # Only change for an alternative HERTZ ABA.
hertz_value = reference_asset_value + ((amplitude * reference_asset_value) * hz_waveform)
return hertz_value
def get_feed_prices(node):
def active_providers_bts(providers):
feed_providers = {p.lower() for p in cfg['bts']['feed_providers']}
return {p for p in providers if p.NAME.lower() in feed_providers}
def active_providers_steem(providers):
feed_providers = {p.lower() for p in cfg['steem']['feed_providers']}
return {p for p in providers if p.NAME.lower() in feed_providers}
providers = core.get_plugin_dict('bts_tools.feed_providers')
# 0- get forex data + gold/silved in USD
currency_layer_prices = []
currency_layer_prices = providers.CurrencyLayer.get(BASE_ASSETS - {'BTC', 'USD'}, 'USD')
except Exception as e:
log.debug('Could not get feeds from CurrencyLayer: {}'.format(e))
fixer_prices = []
fixer_prices = providers.Fixer.get_all(base='USD')
except Exception as e:
log.debug('Could not get feeds from {}'.format(e))
gold_silver_prices = []
gold_silver_prices += [providers.Quandl.get('GOLD', 'USD'),
providers.Quandl.get('SILVER', 'USD')]
except Exception as e:
log.debug('Could not get gold/silver feeds from Quandl: {}'.format(e))
base_usd_price = FeedSet(currency_layer_prices + fixer_prices + gold_silver_prices + providers.Uphold.get_all())
base_usd_price = base_usd_price.filter(base='USD')
# 1- get the BitShares price in major markets: BTC, USD and CNY
# 1.1- first get the bts/btc valuation
providers_bts_btc = active_providers_bts({providers.Poloniex,
if not providers_bts_btc:
log.warning('No feed providers for BTS/BTC feed price')
all_feeds = get_multi_feeds('get', [('BTS', 'BTC')], providers_bts_btc)
feeds_bts_btc = all_feeds.filter('BTS', 'BTC')
if not feeds_bts_btc:
# in last resort, just get our data from coinmarketcap and coincap'getting bts/btc directly from coinmarketcap, no other sources available')
feeds_bts_btc = FeedSet([providers.CoinMarketCap.get('BTS', 'BTC'),
providers.CoinCap.get('BTS', 'BTC')])
if not feeds_bts_btc:
raise core.NoFeedData('Could not get any BTS/BTC feeds')
btc_price = feeds_bts_btc.price()
# 1.2- get the btc/usd (bitcoin avg)
feeds_btc_usd = get_multi_feeds('get', [('BTC', 'USD')],
providers.Bitstamp})) # coincap seems to be off sometimes, do not use it
if not feeds_btc_usd:
raise core.NoFeedData('Could not get any BTC/USD feeds')
btc_usd = feeds_btc_usd.price()
usd_price = btc_price * btc_usd
# 1.3- get the bts/cny valuation directly from cny markets. Going from bts/btc and
# btc/cny to bts/cny introduces a slight difference (2-3%) that doesn't exist on
# the actual chinese markets
# TODO: should go at the beginning: submit all fetching tasks to an event loop / threaded executor,
# compute valuations once we have everything
feeds_bts_cny = get_multi_feeds('get', [('BTS', 'CNY')],
if not feeds_bts_cny:
# if we couldn't get the feeds for cny, go BTS->BTC, BTC->CNY
log.debug('Could not get any BTS/CNY feeds, going BTS->BTC, BTC->CNY')
bts_cny = btc_price * btc_usd / base_usd_price.price('CNY')
# # if we couldn't get the feeds for cny, try picking up our last value
# if price_history.get('cny'):
# log.warning('Could not get any BTS/CNY feeds, using last feed price')
# bts_cny = price_history['cny'][-1]
# else:
# raise core.NoFeedData('Could not get any BTS/CNY feeds')
bts_cny = feeds_bts_cny.price()
cny_price = bts_cny
feeds = {} # TODO: do we really want to reset the global var 'feeds' everytime we come here?
feeds['BTC'] = btc_price
feeds['USD'] = usd_price
feeds['CNY'] = cny_price
feeds['HERO'] = usd_price / (1.05 ** (( - pendulum.Pendulum(1913, 12, 23)).in_days() / 365.2425))
log.debug('Got btc/usd price: {}'.format(btc_usd))
log.debug('Got usd price: {}'.format(usd_price))
log.debug('Got cny price: {}'.format(cny_price))
# 2- now get the BitShares price in all other required currencies
for asset in BASE_ASSETS - {'BTC', 'USD', 'CNY'}:
feeds[asset] = usd_price / base_usd_price.price(asset, 'USD')
except Exception:
log.warning('no feed price for asset {}'.format(asset))
# 2.1- RUBLE is used temporarily by RUDEX instead of bitRUB (black swan)
# see,24004.0/all.html
feeds['RUBLE'] = feeds['RUB']
# 3- get the feeds for major composite indices # REMOVED, was using yahoo, GoogleFeedProvider, BloombergFeedProvider
# 4- get other assets
altcap = get_multi_feeds('get', [('ALTCAP', 'BTC')], {providers.CoinCap, providers.CoinMarketCap})
altcap = altcap.price(stddev_tolerance=0.08)
feeds['ALTCAP'] = altcap
gridcoin = get_multi_feeds('get', [('GRIDCOIN', 'BTC')], {providers.Poloniex, providers.Bittrex})
feeds['GRIDCOIN'] = btc_price / gridcoin.price(stddev_tolerance=0.1)
steem_btc = get_multi_feeds('get', [('STEEM', 'BTC')], active_providers_steem({providers.Poloniex, providers.Bittrex}))
steem_usd = steem_btc.price() * btc_usd
feeds['STEEM'] = steem_usd
golos_btc = get_multi_feeds('get', [('GOLOS', 'BTC')], active_providers_steem({providers.Bittrex, providers.Livecoin}))
golos_bts = btc_price / golos_btc.price()
feeds['GOLOS'] = golos_bts
# 5- Bit20 asset
if 'BTWTY' not in get_disabled_assets():
bit20 = get_bit20_feed(node, usd_price)
if bit20 is not None:
feeds['BTWTY'] = bit20
except core.NoFeedData as e:
# 6- HERTZ asset
if 'HERTZ' not in get_disabled_assets():
hertz_reference_timestamp = "2015-10-13T14:12:24+00:00" # Bitshares 2.0 genesis block timestamp
hertz_current_timestamp = # Current timestamp for reference within the hertz script
hertz_amplitude = 0.14 # 14% fluctuation (1% per day)
hertz_period_days = 28 # 28 days
hertz_phase_days = 0.908056 # Time offset from genesis till the first wednesday, to set wednesday as the primary Hz day.
hertz_reference_asset_price = 1.00 # $1.00 static, never changes.
hertz = get_hertz_feed(hertz_reference_timestamp, hertz_current_timestamp, hertz_period_days, hertz_phase_days, hertz_reference_asset_price, hertz_amplitude)
hertz = None
if hertz is not None:
if usd_price > 0:
final_hertz_value = usd_price / hertz
log.debug('Final hertz value: {} BTS'.format(final_hertz_value))
feeds['HERTZ'] = final_hertz_value
# 7- update price history for all feeds
for cur, price in feeds.items():
return feeds
def median_str(cur):
return statistics.median(price_history[cur])
except Exception:
return 'N/A'
def is_extended_precision(asset):
return asset in {'BTC', 'GOLD', 'SILVER', 'BTWTY'}
def format_qualifier(asset):
if is_extended_precision(asset):
return '%g'
return '%f'
def get_fraction(price, asset_precision, base_precision, N=6):
"""Find nice fraction with at least N significant digits in
both the numerator and denominator."""
numerator = int(price * 10 ** asset_precision)
denominator = 10 ** base_precision
multiplier = 0
while len(str(numerator)) < N or len(str(denominator)) < N:
multiplier += 1
numerator = round(price * 10 ** (asset_precision + multiplier))
denominator = 10 ** (base_precision + multiplier)
return numerator, denominator
def get_price_for_publishing(node, median_feeds, asset, price):
c = dict(cfg['bts']['asset_params']['default']) # make a copy, we don't want to update the default value
c.update(cfg['bts']['asset_params'].get(asset) or {})
asset_id = node.asset_data(asset)['id']
asset_precision = node.asset_data(asset)['precision']
base = 'BTS'
if asset == 'ALTCAP':
base = 'BTC'
base_id = node.asset_data(base)['id']
base_precision = node.asset_data(base_id)['precision']
bts_precision = node.asset_data('BTS')['precision']
numerator, denominator = get_fraction(price, asset_precision, base_precision)
# CER price needs to be priced in BTS always. Get conversion rate
# from the base currency to BTS, and use it to scale the CER price
if base != 'BTS':
base_bts_price = median_feeds[base]
cer_numerator, cer_denominator = get_fraction(price * base_bts_price,
asset_precision, bts_precision)
cer_denominator *= c['core_exchange_factor']
cer_numerator, cer_denominator = numerator, round(denominator * c['core_exchange_factor'])
price_obj = {
'settlement_price': {
'quote': {
'asset_id': base_id,
'amount': denominator
'base': {
'asset_id': asset_id,
'amount': numerator
'maintenance_collateral_ratio': c['maintenance_collateral_ratio'],
'maximum_short_squeeze_ratio': c['maximum_short_squeeze_ratio'],
'core_exchange_rate': {
'quote': {
'asset_id': '1.3.0',
'amount': cer_denominator
'base': {
'asset_id': asset_id,
'amount': cer_numerator
# log.debug('Publishing feed for {}/{}: {} as {}/{} - CER: {}/{}'
# .format(asset, base, price, numerator, denominator, cer_numerator, cer_denominator))
return price_obj
def get_disabled_assets():
cfg_enabled = set(cfg['bts'].get('enabled_assets', []))
cfg_disabled = set(cfg['bts'].get('disabled_assets', []))
for asset in cfg_enabled:
if asset in cfg_disabled:
log.warning("Asset {} is both in 'enabled_assets' and 'disabled_assets'. Disabling it".format(asset))
# Steem is disabled as it appears in the feed history but should not be published on BitShares
# NOTE: the proper fix would be to maintain feeds per client type, and not as a global object
disabled_assets = {'STEEM'}
# these are not published by default as they are experimental or have some requirements
# eg: need to be an approved witness to publish
disabled_assets.update({'BTWTY', 'RUBLE', 'ALTCAP', 'HERO', 'HERTZ'})
# enable plugins in cfg
# disable plugins in cfg
return disabled_assets
# TODO: Need 2 main classes: FeedHistory is a database of historical prices, allows querying,
# and FeedControl is a strategy for deciding when to publish
class BitSharesFeedControl(object):
def __init__(self, *, cfg, visible_feeds=DEFAULT_VISIBLE_FEEDS):
self.cfg = dict(cfg)
self.visible_feeds = list(visible_feeds)
# FIXME: deprecate self.feed_period
self.feed_period = int(cfg['bts']['publish_time_interval'] / cfg['check_time_interval'])
except KeyError:
self.feed_period = None
self.check_time_interval = pendulum.interval(seconds=cfg.get('check_time_interval', 600))
self.publish_time_interval = None
if 'publish_time_interval' in cfg['bts']:
self.publish_time_interval = pendulum.interval(seconds=cfg['bts']['publish_time_interval'])
self.feed_slot = cfg['bts'].get('publish_time_slot', None)
if self.feed_slot is not None:
self.feed_slot = int(self.feed_slot)
self.nfeed_checked = 0
self.last_published = pendulum.utcnow().subtract(days=1)
def format_feeds(self, feeds):
display_feeds = []
for c in set(self.visible_feeds) | set(feeds.keys()):
if c not in feeds:
log.debug('No feed price available for {}, cannot display it'.format(c))
display_feeds = list(sorted(feeds))
fmt = ', '.join('%s %s' % (format_qualifier(c), c) for c in display_feeds)
msg = fmt % tuple(feeds[c] for c in display_feeds)
return msg
def publish_status(self, feeds):
status = ''
if self.publish_time_interval:
#status += ' [%d/%d]' % (self.nfeed_checked, self.feed_period)
status += ' [every {}]'.format(self.publish_time_interval)
if self.feed_slot:
status += ' [t=HH:{:02d}]'.format(self.feed_slot)
result = '{} {}'.format(self.format_feeds(feeds), status)
#log.debug('Got feeds: {}'.format(result))
return result
def should_publish(self):
# TODO: update according to:;all
#return False
if self.nfeed_checked == 0:
log.debug('Should publish at least once at launch of the bts_tools')
return True
if self.feed_period is not None and self.nfeed_checked % self.feed_period == 0:
log.debug('Should publish because time interval has passed: {} seconds'.format(cfg['bts']['publish_time_interval']))
return True
now = pendulum.utcnow()
if self.publish_time_interval and now - self.last_published > self.publish_time_interval:
log.debug('Should publish because time interval has passed: {}'.format(self.publish_time_interval))
return True
if self.feed_slot:
target = now.replace(minute=self.feed_slot, second=0, microsecond=0)
targets = [target.subtract(hours=1), target, target.add(hours=1)]
diff = [now-t for t in targets]
# check if we just passed our time slot
if any(pendulum.interval() < d and abs(d) < 1.1*self.check_time_interval for d in diff):
log.debug('Should publish because time slot has arrived: time {:02d}:{:02d}'.format(now.hour, now.minute))
return True
# check_time_interval_minutes = cfg['check_time_interval'] // 60 + 1
# if self.feed_slot is not None:
# start_slot = self.feed_slot
# end_slot = self.feed_slot + check_time_interval_minutes
# if (((start_slot <= now.minute <= end_slot) or
# (end_slot >= 60 and now.minute <= end_slot % 60)) and
# now - self.last_published > timedelta(minutes=max(3*check_time_interval_minutes, 50))):
# log.debug('Should publish because time slot has arrived: time {:02d}:{:02d} - target'.format(now.hour, now.minute))
# return True
log.debug('No need to publish feeds')
return False
def should_publish_steem(self, node, price):
# check whether we need to publish again:
# - if published more than 12 hours ago, publish again
# - if published price different by more than 3%, publish again
if 'last_price' not in node.opts: # make sure we have already published once
log.debug('Steem should publish for the first time since launch of bts_tools')
return True
last_published_interval = pendulum.interval(hours=12)
variance_trigger = 0.03
if pendulum.utcnow() - node.opts['last_published'] > last_published_interval:
log.debug('Steem should publish as it has not been published for {}'.format(last_published_interval))
return True
if abs(price - node.opts['last_price']) / node.opts['last_price'] >= variance_trigger:
log.debug('Steem should publish as price has moved more than {}%'.format(100*variance_trigger))
return True
log.debug('No need for Steem to publish')
return False
def check_feeds(nodes):
# need to:
# 1- get all feeds from all feed providers (FP) at once. Only use FP designated as active
# 2- compute price from the FeedSet using adequate strategy. FP can (should) be weighted
# (eg: BitcoinAverage: 4, BitFinex: 1, etc.) if no volume is present
# 3- order of computation should be clearly defined and documented, or configurable in the yaml file (preferable)
# details:
# 1-
# - for each asset, get the list of authorized and authenticated feed providers able to give a feed for it
# - for each feed provider, get the list of required assets
# - execute in parallel all requests and gather the results in a FeedSet
global feeds, feed_control
feeds = get_feed_prices(nodes[0]) # use first node if we need to query the blockchain, eg: for bit20 asset composition
feed_control.nfeed_checked += 1
status = feed_control.publish_status(feeds)
log.debug('Got feeds on {}: {}'.format(nodes[0].type(), status))
for node in nodes:
if node.role != 'feed_publisher':
# TODO: dealt with as an exceptional case for now, should be refactored
if node.type() == 'steem':
price = statistics.median(price_history['STEEM'])
# publish median value of the price, not latest one
if feed_control.should_publish_steem(node, price):
if not node.is_online():
log.warning('Cannot publish feeds for steem witness %s: client is not running' %
if node.is_locked():
log.warning('Cannot publish feeds for steem witness %s: wallet is locked' %
ratio = cfg['steem']['steem_dollar_adjustment']
price_obj = {'base': '{:.3f} SBD'.format(price),
'quote': '{:.3f} STEEM'.format(1/ratio)}'Node {}:{} publishing feed price for steem: {:.3f} SBD (real: {:.3f} adjusted by {:.2f})'
.format(node.type(),, price*ratio, price, ratio))
node.publish_feed(, price_obj, True)
node.opts['last_price'] = price
node.opts['last_published'] = pendulum.utcnow()
# if an exception occurs during publishing feeds for a delegate (eg: standby delegate),
# then we should still go on for the other nodes (and not let exceptions propagate)
if feed_control.should_publish():
base_error_msg = 'Cannot publish feeds for {} witness {}: '.format(node.type(),
if not node.is_online():
log.warning(base_error_msg + 'client is not running')
if node.is_locked():
log.warning(base_error_msg + 'wallet is locked')
if not node.is_synced():
log.warning(base_error_msg + 'client is not synced')
base_msg = '{} witness {} feeds: '.format(node.type(),
# publish median value of the price, not latest one
median_feeds = {c: statistics.median(price_history[c]) for c in feeds}
disabled_assets = get_disabled_assets()
publish_feeds = {asset: price for asset, price in median_feeds.items() if asset not in disabled_assets} + 'publishing feeds: {}'.format(feed_control.format_feeds(publish_feeds)))
log.debug(base_msg + 'not publishing: {}'.format(disabled_assets))
# first, try to publish all of them in a single transaction
published = []
handle = node.begin_builder_transaction()
for asset, price in publish_feeds.items():
op = [19, # id 19 corresponds to price feed update operation
hashabledict({"asset_id": node.asset_data(asset)['id'],
"feed": get_price_for_publishing(node, publish_feeds, asset, price),
"publisher": node.get_account(["id"]})
node.add_operation_to_builder_transaction(handle, op)
# set fee
node.set_fees_on_builder_transaction(handle, '1.3.0')
# sign and broadcast
node.sign_builder_transaction(handle, True)
log.debug(base_msg + 'successfully published feeds for {}'.format(', '.join(published)))
except Exception as e:
log.warning(base_msg + 'tried to publish all feeds in a single transaction, but failed. '
'Will try to publish each feed separately now')
msg_len = 400
log.debug(str(e)[:msg_len] + (' [...]' if len(str(e)) > msg_len else ''))
# if an error happened, publish feeds individually to make sure that
# at least the ones that work can get published
published = []
for asset, price in publish_feeds.items():
price = hashabledict(get_price_for_publishing(node, publish_feeds, asset, price))
log.debug(base_msg + 'Publishing {} {}'.format(asset, price))
node.publish_asset_feed(, asset, price, True) # True: sign+broadcast
except Exception as e:
log.warning(base_msg + 'Failed to publish feed for asset {}'.format(asset))
log.debug(str(e)[:msg_len] + ' [...]')
log.debug(base_msg + 'successfully published feeds for {}'.format(', '.join(published)))
#last_published = datetime.utcnow()
feed_control.last_published = pendulum.utcnow()
except Exception as e:
except core.NoFeedData as e:
except Exception as e:
threading.Timer(cfg['check_time_interval'], check_feeds, args=(nodes,)).start()
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