Greasemonkey HEAD + Tab Mix Plus incompatibility #1406

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Martii commented Aug 24, 2011
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Greasemonkey HEAD
Tab Mix Plus

Greasemonkey has introduced a conflict with Tab Mix Plus when trying to open links in new tabs. It is unclear which add-on is responsible but it has been experienced by myself and at least one other at:

Anonymous wrote:
This version and the August 23 nightly have a bug that stops firefox 6 from being able to open links in a new tab when you middle click on them. DIsabling this or reverting to the previous version restores the functionality.
Anonymous wrote:
Same as Anonymous (23 August, 2011 16:58)

Opening links in new tabs (middle click) dont work in firefox 6. Downgrade to 0.9.8 solves problem for me.

Roland Spencer reviewed:
in version 0.9.10 and the August 23rd nightly, there is a bug which causes middle clicking of links to no longer function at all. Disabling GM or reverting to earlier versions (0.9.8 or the August 12th nightly) fixes the issue.

Temporary workaround is to disable TMP or revert to an earlier GM version.

See also:
TMP forum for cross-stream reporting.

Martii commented Aug 24, 2011

Issue first appears in greasemonkey@d6dd73a

Martii commented Aug 24, 2011

Comment cross-stream


I've returned false all the time in TMPs contentLinks.js and this seems to resolve the middle clicking and Ctrl+click issues with GM HEAD and TMP release.

function TMP_isGreasemonkeyScript(event, target) {
  if (event.button == 2)
    return false;

  if ("GM_BrowserUI" in window && GM_getEnabled()) {
    var url = target.getAttribute("href");
    if (url && url.match(/\.user\.js(\?|$)/i))
      return false; // return true;

  return false;

I believe that this test is no longer necessary in the current GM HEAD and nightly builds from Anthony. Please confirm.


  • Marti -

See also greasemonkey#1406

Please confirm as well.

Modified tabmixplus with version bump to 8.0a2 (portions of TMP don't work in this alpha btw) can be found here.


Tentatively WONTFIXing this, because the error is purely inside TMP, not our code. I'm trying to reach out to their developer.


Confirmed with TMP developer, fix will be there.

@arantius arantius closed this Aug 30, 2011
@arantius arantius added a commit to arantius/greasemonkey that referenced this issue Sep 6, 2011
@arantius arantius Work around for Tab Mix Plus' brokenness.
Refs #1406
pmorch commented Sep 7, 2011

I can confirm that Greasemonkey 0.9.10 + TMP = broken middle-click but that Greasemonkey 0.9.11 + TMP = working middle click

arantius commented Sep 7, 2011

So, for posterity:

As I said I mailed the TMP developer. I repeatedly tried to coach him into doing the right thing to fix this, and he repeatedly demonstrated a lack of ability to write working code. Thus, the .11 release to work around the issue.

(Specifically, he "just wanted to know if Greasemonkey is installed" and insisted that if ('undefined' != typeof GM_BrowserUI) ... was the way to do that. But that's exactly what caused this problem: detecting the presence of one thing (GM_BrowserUI) and making the assumption that some other weakly-coupled thing (GM_getEnabled) will thus work.)

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