Use middle-click or ctrl+left-click on script menuitem to open script options dialog #1706

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You can right-click on script menuitem in Monkey Menu to edit user script, but to open script options dialog (to add/edit/remove include/exclude), you have to do it from Add-on Manager.

This patch adds ability to open user script options dialog by middle-clicking or ctrl(cmd key on Mac)+left-clicking on script menuitem from Monkey Menu.

What's supposed to happen is that the command gm_toggle_enabled & gm_toggle_checked is set by GM_BrowserUI.refreshStatus, and XUL is supposed to keep the XUL elements linked with those commands in sync. Hopefully we could really fix that rather than just layering more code on top.


jerone commented Feb 10, 2013

To bad this handy feature still isn't implemented.

@arantius arantius closed this Aug 19, 2015

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