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Dependency Injector Benchmark Set

This project benchmark the following DI solutions:

Object Graph

Below is the object graph of the class to be injected in the benchmark program

└── A
    └── B
        └── C
            ├── D1
            └── D2
                └── E

All injection is done through Constructor injection


Startup and first time fetch benchmark

Split Starting up DI containers & instantiating a dependency graph 4999 times:
                     Vanilla| start:     3ms   fetch:     5ms
                       Guice| start:   458ms   fetch:   800ms
                     Feather| start:     8ms   fetch:    73ms
                      Dagger| start:    46ms   fetch:   130ms
                        Pico| start:   166ms   fetch:   161ms
                       Genie| start:   478ms   fetch:    98ms
              jBeanBoxNormal| start:     7ms   fetch:   339ms
            jBeanBoxTypeSafe| start:     3ms   fetch:   162ms
          jBeanBoxAnnotation| start:     4ms   fetch:   597ms
     SpringJavaConfiguration| start: 13956ms   fetch:  1149ms
     SpringAnnotationScanned| start: 22302ms   fetch:  2738ms

Runtime bean injection benchmark

Runtime benchmark, fetch new bean for 50K times:
                     Vanilla|     3ms
                       Guice|   188ms
                     Feather|    68ms
                      Dagger|    28ms
                       Genie|    45ms
                        Pico|   353ms
              jBeanBoxNormal|  1698ms
            jBeanBoxTypeSafe|   880ms
          jBeanBoxAnnotation|  2591ms
     SpringJavaConfiguration|  1936ms
     SpringAnnotationScanned|  2369ms
Runtime benchmark, fetch new bean for 5M times:
                     Vanilla|   242ms
                       Guice|  3022ms
                     Feather|  1748ms
                      Dagger|   842ms
                       Genie|  1043ms
                        Pico| 13185ms
              jBeanBoxNormal| Timeout
            jBeanBoxTypeSafe| 74607ms
          jBeanBoxAnnotation| Timeout
     SpringJavaConfiguration| Timeout
     SpringAnnotationScanned| Timeout
Runtime benchmark, fetch singleton bean for 5M times:
                     Vanilla|     5ms
                       Guice|   559ms
                     Feather|   180ms
                      Dagger|   746ms
                       Genie|   118ms
                        Pico|   225ms
              jBeanBoxNormal|    59ms
            jBeanBoxTypeSafe|    59ms
          jBeanBoxAnnotation|   105ms
     SpringJavaConfiguration|   245ms
     SpringAnnotationScanned|   228ms

How to run the benchmark

You need JDK8 and maven to run the benchmark program.

The project defined two profiles: runtime and split_startup.

#Run the `runtime` profile:
mvn clean compile exec:exec -Pruntime

This will run the Runtime benchmark, which fetch the bean of class A (as shown above) for 50K times

#To run the `split_startup` profile:
mvn clean compile exec:exec -Psplit_startup

This will run the startup benchmark, which initialize the injector and load bean of class A for 5K times.

To tune the warm up and iterations:

#For startup benchmark:
mvn clean compile exec:exec -Psplit_startup -Dstartup.iteration=100 -Dstartup.warmup=10
#For runtime benchmark:
mvn clean compile exec:exec -Pruntime -Druntime.iteration=1000 -Druntime.warmup=100

To benchmark singleton injection:

mvn clean compile exec:exec -Pruntime -Dsingleton=true


The benchmark source code is originated from and adapted by Gelin Luo


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