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@rpspringuel rpspringuel released this Apr 6, 2019 · 0 commits to master since this release

This release fixes bugs found while testing against the TeX Live 2019 Pretest.

[5.2.1] - 2019-04-06


  • Project names with quotes in them no longer cause GregorioTeX to not be able to find the executable. See #1416.
  • Eliminated implicit casting from float to integer in string formatting (something no longer allowed in Lua 5.3)
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@rpspringuel rpspringuel released this Mar 10, 2019

The release intended for TeX Live 2019.

[5.2.0] - 2019-03-10


  • latin is now supported as a valid language name. This brings Latin into line with other languages where both titlecased and lowercased version of the language name (e.g. English and english) are both allowed.


  • Added support for two and three letter language codes for supported languages. This list of codes (and language names) was used for this support. No new languages are supported as a result of this change, just different ways of specifying the existing names.
  • A non-rotated diamond-shaped variant of the punctum inclinatum. Append a 2 in gabc to the capitalized note pitch letter to force gregorio to use this shape. Otherwise, gregorio will try to use it when a string of these notes is at the unison within a syllable. See #1425.
  • Support for an eighth bar (nicknamed divisio "minimis") by using ^ in gabc (see #1424).
  • 8 new St. Gall neume glyphs have been added to the gregall font.
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Mar 2, 2019

@rpspringuel rpspringuel released this Mar 25, 2018 · 33 commits to master since this release

This is merely a patch to fix small problems in the documentation.

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@rpspringuel rpspringuel released this Mar 11, 2018 · 63 commits to master since this release

This is the official release which is designated for inclusion in TeXLive 2018. It will work with older systems as well using the usual manual installation methods.

[5.1.0] - 2018-03-11


  • Added support for virgula (gabc: `0) and divisio minima (gabc: ,0) on the ledger line above the staff (see #1370).
  • Added support for a dotted bar (gabc: :?) (See #1360 and #1387)
  • 10 new St. Gall neume glyphs have been added to the gregall font (see #1328, #1330, #1337, #1340, #1341, #1342, #1343, #1345).
  • 4 new Laon neume glyphs have been added to the grelaon font.
  • A more modern-looking sharp symbol has been added to the greciliae font. To switch to this, use \grechangeglyph{Sharp}{greciliae}{.modern}\grechangeglyph{SharpHole}{greciliae}{.modern} in your TeX file. See #1399.
  • Added documentation note about loading microtype after gregoriotex (see #1364).


  • Fixed issue with Tex Live 2017 latexmk not detecting auto-compiled gabc files as dependencies (see #1367).
  • Fixed issue where an altered note (glyph) throws off the position of an episema in the glyph that immediately precedes it (see #1379).
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Feb 19, 2018

@rpspringuel rpspringuel released this May 24, 2017 · 112 commits to master since this release

This is purely a CTAN release. We discovered that occasionally the package code was unable to locate the gregorio executable in the TeXLive 2017 pretest. While unable to determine the exact conditions to replicate this bug consistently, we have come up with a work around which avoids the problematic code.

[5.0.2] - 2017-05-24

  • Worked around an issue discovered during the TeX Live 2017 pre-test. See #1362.
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@rpspringuel rpspringuel released this Apr 16, 2017 · 119 commits to master since this release

Just a simple bugfix for Windows users. If you're not using Windows and have already upgraded to v5.0, then you can safely ignore this release.


[5.0.1] - 2017-04-16

  • Fixed a bug in the TeXLive compatibility code for Windows users. Thanks to Akira Kakuto for the catch.
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@rpspringuel rpspringuel released this Apr 15, 2017 · 125 commits to master since this release

Just in time (or perhaps just a hair late) for the TeXLive 2017 pretest.



The autocompile option is now the default option for the behavior of \gregorioscore. If you want to go back to the old, manual behavior, then you should pass the nevercompile option when loading gregoriotex.

Additional fonts

With the addition of more cavum shapes, the number of font options which come with Gregorio (the package) by default has been reduced in order to control the download size. From now on only Greciliae (and its "-op" Dominican variant) will be installed by default. The Gregorio and Grana Padano fonts, as well as their "-op" Dominican variants, will now be available as a separate download. If you were using these fonts, either download and install them or switch to Greciliae.

To install the new versions of Gregorio (the font) and Grana Padano, unzip, navigate to the uncompressed folder in Terminal (or Command Prompt on Windows) and execute texlua install_supp_fonts.lua after you have installed the main Gregorio distribution. This script will look for the location of Greciliae and copy the other fonts to that location. If you wish to control the installation of the fonts manually, the script takes an optional argument with one of the following values:

  • auto (optional): the same folder as Greciliae
  • system: the appropriate font folder in $TEXMFLOCAL
  • user: the appropriate font folder in $TEXMFHOME
  • <dir>: the name of an alternate texmf root directory you want to use

Additionally, if you are building the fonts yourself from a git clone, and install_supp_fonts.lua will install all the fonts you have built, not just the ones they are normally distributed with.

Note: All the above methods assume you only need to access the fonts from within a TeX document (and thus are designed to put them into the correct folder in a texmf tree). If you want to use the fonts in other programs, then you will need to consult the documentation appropriate to your platform and/or the program and manually move, copy, or link the fonts to the necessary location.

Ledger lines

As of version 5.0, ledger lines are extended through notes on either side of a ledger line that crosses a stem, as long as the notes are within the same element.

The algorithm for this is simple so it can be predictable, and it cannot take into account spacing adjustments made it TeX. This means it may not produce the exactly desired results. In order to get the results you want, you can override the automatic behavior in gabc:

  • [oll:1] will force an over-the-staff ledger line on a note.
  • [oll:0] will suppress an over-the-staff ledger line on a note.
  • [ull:1] will force an under-the-staff ledger line on a note.
  • [ull:0] will suppress an under-the-staff ledger line on a note.

The other oll and ull forms take precendence over and will interfere with the above settings, so if you are using them, you may need to adjust them to get the output you want.

Note: You may need to use a construct such as /! to keep notes that are separated in the same element. For example, abcV is two elements (ab and cV), so the ledger line on b is not extended to cV. In contrast, ab/!cV is one element, so the ledger line on b is extended to cV.

End-of-line hyphen protrusion factor

As of version 5.0, the \gresethyphenprotrusion{percentage} command is deprecated. To set this protrusion factor, use \gresetprotrusionfactor{eolhyphen}{factor} instead. Note that the factor taken by the new command is a factor rather than the percentage taken by the deprecated command, so for example, use \gresetprotrusionfactor{eolhyphen}{0.5} instead of \gresethyphenprotrusion{50}.

Oriscus orientation at the unison

As of version 5.0, when the note after the oriscus is at the same pitch as the oriscus, the oriscus will point towards the first non-unison note after the oriscus or downwards if at the end of the score. Use the 0 (for downwards) 1 (for upwards) modifiers to force a different orientation.

Elisions in vowel centering

As of version 5.0, elisions after a vowel centering prefix will not cause the center to be placed on the vowel at the end of the prefix. Since elisions are unvoiced vowels, this makes more sense than the previous behavior. However, if this change does not produce your desired output, you may surround the center manually with { and } in gabc.


[5.0.0] - 2017-04-15


  • The printing of the commentary box is no longer tied to the printing of the inital. As a result it is now possible to have a score which has a commentary but not an initial. See this thread on the user list.
  • Elisions after a vowel centering prefix will no longer cause the center to be placed on the vowel in the prefix. Since prefixes are unvoiced vowels, this makes more sense than the previous behavior. As usual, you may use the manual centering features to force the centering where you want if this does not produce what you want. See #1320.
  • Dynmanic line spacing when a clef change occurs at the end of a line is fixed so that the line after the clef change is spaced appropriately. See #1285.
  • Spaces in the filename of a score no longer cause Gregoriotex to fail. See #1224.
  • Glyphs for pes quadratum shapes with initio debilis are no longer missing. Use -fqg to engrave them. See #1310.
  • Horizontal episemata bridge spaces more correctly. As mentioned earlier, you can prevent this by appending 2 to the _ on the note before the space you do not want bridged. See #1216.
  • A rising note after an oriscus flexus will no longer generate a porrectus (see #1220).
  • The Scribus external tool script now uses latexmk in order to handle the multi-pass features of Gregorio (see #1236).
  • Translation text in a syllable with a trailing (forced) hyphen is no longer truncated to its first character (see #1254).
  • A trailing (forced) hyphen in a syllable no longer generates a forced hyphen in the previous syllable (see #1255).
  • A trailing space on a header line is now ignored (see #1269).
  • A pes whose second note is an oriscus now obeys the oriscus orientation rules (see #1272)


  • The default behaviour of \gregorioscore has been changed to autocompile.
  • When the note after an oriscus is at the same pitch, the oriscus direction now depends on the first non-unison, non-oriscus note after the oriscus (see #1179).
  • 6 new St. Gall neume glyphs have been added to the gregall font and glyph for nabc to!ciG has been changed (see #1303, #1305, #1313, #1314, #1315).
  • Notes are now left-aligned as if all clefs had the same width as the largest clef in the score. You can get previous behavior back with \grebolshiftcleftype{current}, or temporary force alignment until the end of a score with \grelocalbolshiftcleftype. See Documentation of these functions and #1189.
  • A clef change immediately before a line break (z) will now typeset the new clef at the beginning of the next line. An explicit custos (z0) immediately before such a clef change (or separated by only a bar) will be suppressed. See #1190.
  • Ledger lines are now extended through notes on either side of a ledger line that crosses a stem, as long as the notes are within the same "element." If the algorithm doesn't produce the result you want, you can use [oll:0] to suppress an over-the-staff ledger line on a note, [ull:0] to suppress an under-the-staff ledger line on a note, [oll:1] to force an over-the-line ledger line on a note, or [ull:1] to force an under-the-staff ledger line on a note. Please note that other forms of [oll:...] and [ull:...] can interfere with these new settings. See and #1215 for details.
  • The left stem of Dominican plicae on lines has been shortened (see #1238).
  • Clefs on the top or bottom line adjust the spacing as if there were a note above the top line or below the bottom line, respectively (see #1007).
  • Default spaces have been adjusted (see #1182).
  • \grechangenextscorelinedim can now take a comma-separated list of line numbers as its first argument (see #1280).


  • More cavum shapes are now available. To use them, simply add r in gabc to any note in a glyph. See #844.
  • Square brackets can be placed around notes by using [[ and ]] to surround said notes in gabc (see #844).
  • a font grelaon for Laon style adiastematic notation has been added (see GregorioNabcRef.pdf for details). This is a preview, backward incompatible change are possible in future releases.
  • 9 new St. Gall neume glyphs have been added to the gregall font.
  • 5 new St. Gall neume glyphs have been added to the gresgmodern font.
  • now generates, which can be used to uninstall the TeX portion of the installation when GregorioTeX was installed from source.
  • A <clear> tag may be added to a syllable to indicate that its text should not overlap any previous syllable (see #1029).
  • More general support for protrusions. The <pr> tag in gabc indicates where a protrusion should begin. There is an optional argument <pr:.5> that allows the protrusion factor to be specified (in this example, .5). Additionally, the comma, semicolon, colon, and period are automatically protruded, with configurable protrusion factors. See GregorioRef and #931 for more information.
  • minimalinitialwidth space, controlling the minimum amount of space an initial should take require; ignored when manualinitialwidth is set to something non-zero (see #1213).
  • new scripts in contrib/ to check the syllabation of a gabc score against hyphenation rules, such as those on hyphen-la
  • the visibility of a particular nabc voice can now be set by \gresetnabc{n}{(in)visible}, where n is the number of the nabc voice (see #1257).
  • [nocustos] may be used in gabc to prevent a custos should the line end at that point (see #1271).
  • Musica ficta signs: Add r6, r7, and r8 to a note for a flat, natural, or sharp (respectively) above the note (see #1278).
  • The spacing added for low notes in the staff is now adjustable by setting dimension noteadditionalspacelinestext, with the number of notes settable as count noteadditionalspacelinestextthreshold. See GregorioRef and #1125 for details.
  • Some counts can now be adjusted for a particular line in a score. Use \grechangenextscorelinecount prior to including the score to set the desired values. The various spacing thresholds may be changed with this command. See GregorioRef for details.


  • \gresethyphenprotrusion{percentage}, supplanted by \gresetprotrusionfactor{eolhyphen}{factor}. Note that the value the new command takes is a factor rather than a percentage.


  • initial-style gabc header, supplanted by the \gresetinitiallines TeX command.
  • biginitial style, consolidated into the initial style.
  • \grescorereference
  • The Gregorio and Grana Padano fonts are no longer distributed with the Gregorio distribution archive. They will now be available for download separately (along with their Dominican "-op" variants) in (the version number will change to match future releases). See and #844 for details.
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Apr 6, 2017
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