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A web server for this video processing pipeline and this frontend. The user can sign in with a Google account and either upload a video file or stream video from their webcam. The processing pipeline runs the OpenFace nerual network on the video/stream and draws delaunay triangles on the face for visualization.

Demo Videos


  • Download & install Node.js 8 (including NPM)
  • Install SQLite
    • On Linux (Debian) just run sudo apt-get install sqlite3
    • On Windows, download the command-line tool binaries and add them to your PATH
      • Note that the processing pipeline only supports Debian-based Linux
  • Clone the repo
  • Create a file .env.local in the root of the repo and insert the following line:
    with your client ID. (Google Sign-in will fail if this is not set up properly.) DO NOT put it in .env as that one is version-controlled. See the Envirionment Variables section for more details.
  • While in the repo, run npm install
  • Once it's done installing run npm start
  • Your server will be running at localhost:4000, try navigating to it and to /api.

Environment variables

Environment variables can be set in a .env.local file. An example of such a file, with all supported variables, is as follows.

# This MUST be set to a valid client ID for the domain you are on.
# Sign-in will not work if it is empty.

# The following are optional.

# Will default to development, specify production for production systems.

# Defaults to 4000

# Database information
# Only needed when NODE_ENV is 'production', otherwise a SQLite database file
# will be created under db/.

# For information on what dialects are supported see 

Communication with the Frontend

No frontend is provided with this; you need to clone and run the frontend repo separately. The React development server will proxy asynchronous calls from :3000 to :4000, simulating the production environment. In the final product the production build of the frontend will reside under www/ and be served by this server.

API Reference

  • Authentication
    • POST api/login - Logs in user, creating new if needed

      authorization: none
      body: {
        token: <Google token> // For new login
        sessionId: <Session ID> // For continuing existing session
      returns: {
        firstLogin: <boolean>,
        user: {
          firstname: <string>,
          lastname: <string>,
          email: <email>,
          sessionId: <string>

      Returns status 400 if Google token or session ID is invalid.

    • GET api/logout - Clears user's session on server

      authorization: <sessionId> // Send session ID as auth header
      returns: none

      Returns status 200 under all circumstances.


Server for CS160 project; user can upload or stream a video and delaunay triangles are applied to their face.



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