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A command-line tool for reading your iTunes/ playlists
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A command-line tool for reading your iTunes/ playlists.



  • list List all of your playlists. Optionally using a nice nesting format, to be easier to read.
  • md Spit out a single playlist as a Markdown file. Use -r to include ratings on the five-star scale, and -l to interactively attach links to each item. Links are stored in a database (in ~/.playlister/) for reuse the next time you run md -l.
  • generate Spit out all your playlists as Markdown files, hierarchically-organized, in ./playlists/ Can non-interactively add links, where present in the database (-l), and optionally track the whole thing in git (-g), including fetch/pull/push, if you configure the git repository for it. (Note: doesn't handle merge conflicts.)
  • db Manage the database. For now, only includes a helper to wipe the whole thing; in the future, would like to add features for managing single entries.

Getting Started

  1. git clone
  2. cd Playlister
  3. swift build -c release
  4. cp .build/release/playlister /usr/local/bin/playlister
  5. playlister --help

Note: depending on your environment, you may need to sign the playlister binary. To do so, use codesign -s {the name of your Apple Development/Distribution certificate} .build/release/playlister before step 4, above.

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