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Tools to aid the development of Bioconductor Workflow packages.

BiocWorkflowTools provide a mechanism to assist in converting between R Markdown and LaTeX documents, specifically in the case where one is writing an anaylsis workflow to be submitted to F1000Research, with the intention to also host a runable example on Bioconductor. Reaching these two endpoints while maintaining a single working document can be challenging. Submission to the journal requires a LaTeX file, which is best achieved by writing an Rnw workflow based on Sweave or knitr, while producing the html based versions hosted by Bioconductor is most easily achieved from an R Markdown document. BiocWorkflowTools allows an author to convert a R Markdown document to a submission ready LaTeX document with all the appropriate formating applied automatically.

Current Status

Travis BioC
Build Status BioC Status


For bug reports, please register an issue here on Github. For usage queries please post a question on the Bioconductor Support Forum.


Funding for continued development and maintenance of this package is provided by the German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure

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