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Niffler Wallet

English | 简体中文 | Français

Niffler is a out-of-the box user-friendly gui Grin wallet. The name 'Niffler' comes from "harry potter".

  • It's using the official Grin binaries as back-end.

  • It's using electron-vue to build the Niffler Wallet gui front-end.

  • It works on mac/linux/windows, and supports multiple languages.

Logo made by @Duoasa

Table of Contents

Development resources

Vulnerability response


Apache-2.0 License, see LICENSE.


The Niffler wallet is available in different languages. English, 简体中文, French, Russian, Dutch.

Translation to other languages is welcome. Please check our lang folder. If you want to help translate it, then translate the next text file en.js to your local language. Or better, send a github pull request similar like this.


Code pull requests are always welcome. If you want to help out, please send pull requests.

Latest Version

v0.7.1 support Grin5

Niffler Wallet uses the official grin-wallet v5.0.3 and grin v5.0.4 as backend.

Mac/Windows/Linux version:

Niffler wallet has a hedwig v1 relay service, which enable users without public ip receive grin really easy :)

In other words,You could withdraw grin from any exchanges and miner pool effortlessly.

Video tutorial

A great video tutorial of how to withdraw grin from any exchanges using Niffler wallet. IMAGE ALT TEXT HERE


Create new wallet

create new wallet

Important! Be sure to backup your recovery seed phrase to restore your wallet later.

Send grin

send grin

Receive grin

receive grin

Compiling from source


The following table summarizes the tools required to build. A few tools are included in this repository (marked as "Vendored").

Dep Min. version Vendored Debian/Ubuntu pkg name Optional Purpose
npm ? NO npm javascript package manager NO compiler
grin current YES grin node executable NO grin node back-end
grin-wallet current YES grin-wallet executable NO grin-wallet back-end
hedwig 1.0.0 YES public IP address relay service NO https relay service

The current release is built on branch gw5

Build instructions

Niffler Wallet uses the npm build system.


Install build dependencies on Debian/Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt update && sudo apt install npm

Cloning the repository

$ git clone && cd niffler

download and install dependencies with npm in the repository

npm install
cd hedwig
npm install
cd ..

Serve with hot reload at localhost:9080

npm run dev

Build electron application for production

npm run build

Installation directories






c:\Program Files\Niffler




We now have a wonderful logo from chinese grin community.

Logo made by @Duoasa, and also thanks @机械师区块链

Thanks to @yozx for Russian version.

Thanks to @Kinaou for French version.

Thanks to @frankcoderL for Nederlands version.