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An Electron & Vue.js quick start boilerplate with vue-cli scaffolding, common Vue plugins, electron-packager/electron-builder, unit/e2e testing, vue-devtools, and webpack.


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The boilerplate for making electron applications built with vue (pretty much what it sounds like).

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The aim of this project is to remove the need of manually setting up electron apps using vue. electron-vue takes advantage of vue-cli for scaffolding, webpack with vue-loader, electron-packager or electron-builder, and some of the most used plugins like vue-router, vuex, and so much more.

Check out the detailed documentation here.

Things you'll find in this boilerplate...

*Customizable during vue-cli scaffolding

Getting Started

This boilerplate was built as a template for vue-cli and includes options to customize your final scaffolded app. The use of node@^7 or higher required. electron-vue also officially recommends the yarn package manager as it handles dependencies much better and can help reduce final build size with yarn clean.

# Install vue-cli and scaffold boilerplate
npm install -g vue-cli
vue init simulatedgreg/electron-vue my-project

# Install dependencies and run your app
cd my-project
yarn # or npm install
yarn run dev # or npm run dev
Are you a Windows User?

Make sure to check out A Note for Windows Users to make sure you have all the necessary build tools needed for electron and other dependencies.

Wanting to use Vue 1?

Just point to the 1.0 branch. Please note that electron-vue has officially deprecated the usage of vue@^1, so project structure, features, and documentation will reflect those changes (legacy documentation).

vue init simulatedgreg/electron-vue#1.0 my-project

Next Steps

Make sure to take a look at the documentation. Here you will find useful information about configuration, project structure, and building your app. There's also a handy FAQs section.

Made with electron-vue

Take a look at some of the amazing projects built with electron-vue. Want to have your own project listed? Feel free add your project to the bottom of the list below then submit a pull request.

  • Surfbird: A Twitter client built on Electron and Vue
  • Lulumi-browser: Lulumi-browser is a light weight browser coded with Vue.js 2 and Electron
  • Space-Snake: A Desktop game built with Electron and Vue.js.
  • Forrest: An npm scripts desktop client
  • miikun: A Simple Markdown Editor
  • Dakika: A minute taking application that makes writing minutes a breeze
  • Dynamoc: Dynamoc is a GUI client for dynamodb-local, dynalite and AWS dynamodb
  • Dockeron: A dockeron project, built on Electron + Vue.js for Docker
  • Easysubs: Download subtitles in a very fast and simple way
  • adminScheduler: An application leveraging electron for cross platform compatibility, Vue.js for lightning fast UI and to deliver a premium calendar interface.
  • Backlog: Simple app for storing TODOs, ideas or backlog items. You can organize them with boards. Sleek flow. Built with Electron + Vue.js + iView
  • Opshell: Ops tool to make life easier working with AWS instances.
  • GitHoard: Hoard git repositories with ease.
  • Data-curator: Share usable open data.
  • Bookmark: Desktop app to manage bookmarked links using Atom Electron and Vue.js
  • Uber Run: Simple automation desktop app to download and organize your tax invoices from Uber.
  • Apollo: Convert YouTube videos (and more) to .mp3 files
  • Netsix: Share videos with your friends in a real peer-to-peer manner using WebRTC.
  • code-notes: A simple code snippet manager for developers built with Electron & Vue.js.
  • Pomotroid: A simple and visually-pleasing Pomodoro timer
  • MarkText: Mark Text is a realtime Markdown Editor.
  • vue-design: the best website visualization builder with Vue and Electron
  • ImapSync Client: It's only an Internet Message Access Protocol Synchronization Client
  • Hve: A static blog client tool you may like.
  • MarkdownFox: A simple Markdown viewer with auto update and PDF export.
  • Smart DOCSE: A generic app which ability to display news, contact etc.
  • Cleaver: Cleaver helps you provision servers ready for deploying your web apps with zero downtime - for free!
  • XPanel: XAMPP control panel alternative built with Electron & Vue.js
  • Hexo-Client: A hexo client powered by electron-vue.
  • YT.Downloader: Youtube Video Downloader&Converter and Play Music, built with Electron & Vue.js.
  • BMFont-JS: BMFont-js is a bitmap font generator, built with Electron & Vue.js.
  • YouGet: YouGet - YouTube Video/Playlist Downloader/Cutter - MP3 Converter
  • Asar UI: UI for Asar Pack, built with Electron & Vue.js.
  • Leeze: A Receipt Record App, built with Electron & Vue.js.
  • IntelTracker: An intel item tracker for players/speedrunners of NOLF.
  • Metube: A program to manage your simple YouTube music player and enjoy your music
  • it-tools: A programing helper for developers built with Electron & Vue.js.
  • GifsWorld: Gifs finder built with Vue and Electron