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rp is a package manager for RingoJS. It aims to provide an easy way to both manage packages of local RingoJS installations and to publish packages in a remote package registry.


rp is beta. rp modifies the filesystem so beware of using it on production systems without an up-to-date backup.


rp can be easily installed using ringo-admin tool:

ringo-admin install http://packages.ringojs.org/download/rp/latest


If you have RingoJS' bin directory in the path (which you should), you can start rp by simply entering


on the command line. If called without a command rp will output the list of available commands. To get detailed information about a command simply call

rp help <command>

Replace with the command you want information about.

Most important day-to-day commands

  • search Search for packages in registry
  • install Install a package or package dependencies
  • update Updates installed packages
  • list Lists installed packages
  • uninstall Uninstalls a package

Commands for package authors

  • createuser Creates a registry account
  • publish Publishes a package
  • owner Lists and manages package owners
  • password Change registry account password
  • unpublish Removes a published package in the registry

Maintenance commands


rp can uninstall itself, so simply use

rp uninstall rp

if you ever want to get rid of it.


If you encounter bugs or unexpected behaviour, or have any ideas on how to make rp better, please file an issue on GitHub.


rp is provided as-is, without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied.

The packages in the RingoJS Package Registry registry are the sole property of their respective maintainers, and are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by RingoJS Package Registry or the maintainers of the registry. There is absolutely no guarantee, warrantee, or assertion made as to the quality, fitness for a specific purpose or lack of malice in any given package published in the RingoJS Package Registry registry.