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About rp

rp is a package manager for RingoJS. It aims to provide an easy way to both manage packages of local RingoJS installations and to publish packages in a remote package registry (by default the RingoJS Package Registry).


rp is experimental beta, so expect bugs. Because of that and because rp adds and removes files, directories and links on local disks you should not use it on production systems or without an up-to-date backup.

Important note for Windows users: As of now, rp is largely untested on Windows (due to the fact that none of my computers run Windows), so your mileage may vary.


rp can be easily installed using ringo-admin:

ringo-admin install

Note that rp will be installed within the RingoJS installation containing ringo-admin script. If you have the environment variable RINGO_HOME set, rp will be installed where it points to (so if want to try out rp in a pristine RingoJS installation, make sure to unset RINGO_HOME before).


If you have RingoJS' bin directory in the path (which you should), you can start rp by simply entering


on the command line. If called without a command rp will output the list of available commands. To get detailed information about a command simply call

rp help <command>

Replace with the command you want information about.


rp stores it's configuration and a local cache of the package registry catalog in a subdirectory of the user's home directory. On Linux/OS X the directory is $HOME/.rp/, on Windows USER_HOME/rp/.

Normally rp doesn't need any configuration. If you want to use a package registry different than the RingoJS Package Registry or explicitly specify a RingoJS installation to manage packages for (normally rp uses the one it has been installed in), use

rp config

The configuration will be stored in a file "config" within the rp directory.


rp itself is a RingoJS package, so it's as easy to uninstall as other packages: remove the directory packages/rp and the symlinks in RingoJS' bin directory.


If you encounter bugs or unexpected behaviour, or have any ideas on how to make rp better, please file an issue on GitHub.


rp is provided as-is, without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied.

The packages in the RingoJS Package Registry registry are the sole property of their respective maintainers, and are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by RingoJS Package Registry or the maintainers of the registry. There is absolutely no guarantee, warrantee, or assertion made as to the quality, fitness for a specific purpose or lack of malice in any given package published in the RingoJS Package Registry registry.


A package manager for RingoJS




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