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VSCP & Friends - HTML5 UX demos

VSCP logo

This is the VSCP HTML5 user interface component framework which can be used to create nice and responsible user interfaces experiences.

The provided demo's are based on websocket and REST interface to the VSCP server. The interfaces itself are described in the VSCP daemon documentation:

If you want to know more about the VSCP project visit the VSCP web site.

Everything is released under the MIT License.

Getting started

On a standard system install this full source tree at /var/lib/vscp/web/html (programdata/vscp/web/html on windows) or other folder set in <document_root>...</document_root> directive under the <websrver> tag in the /etc/vscp/vscpd.conf file of the VSCP daemon.

If you just want the VSCP websocket or REST javascript code you find it in the 'js/vscp-js' folder. Or get them from its repository:

You should probably compress this javascript file for a production system. There are plenty of them around this is one of them.


You can use the do_web_download script to download this code to your local setup. Go to the folder where you want to set up the demo pages. If you are testing the vsclp2drv-websrv this is typically the /var/lib/vscp/web/html/ folder. In this folder issue

curl | bash

This will download the latest pages.

Now restart you should be able to test the web server, websockets and the rest interface.


You will find the demo code in the demos subfolder. The index.html file in it will take you to it and give some further instructions.

The folder contains a few demos on how to use VSCP widgets and demonstrates the VSCP daemon websocket and REST interface.

To test that everything is working enter




for a TLS/SSL setup.

and you should get the start page which takes you thru the rest of the demo..

Useful test commands

Some useful commands for the vanilla test window

5 Turn ON Zone=1, Subzone=35

send 0,30,5,0,0,-,0,1,35

6 Turn Off

send 0,30,6,0,0,-,0,1,35

7 Start

send 0,30,7,0,0,-,0,1,35

8 stop

send 0,30,8,0,0,-,0,1,35

send head,class,type,obid,time-stamp,GUID,data1,data2,data3....

Copyright © 2015-2021 Andreas Merkle (
Copyright © 2012-2021 Ake Hedman, the VSCP Project