jQuery: slideshow displaying images + description, ~1kb for js+css, simple and elegant
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S3 Slider is a simple slideshow that displays images with their description.
This is an complete rewrite to make it smaller / simpler / more elegant.

Works in IE6 + the rest.

Demo(older version, new looks similar) or download it and open index.html


Download s3-slider.js / s3-slider.css (choose minified version for production).

<div id="slider">
  <div class="slide">
    <img src="demo/1.jpg"/>
    <span> <b>A Tile is good</b><br/>Some text long or short text should be placed here to inform customers of your great products...</span>
  <div class="slide">
    <img src="demo/4.jpg"/>
    <span> Finally a short text...</span>


In IE6 the animation will start with a instant fade from blank->image, if you do no like this, make the first slide visible (display:block)


timeout : miliseconds or 'slow'/'fast'     default: 6000
fadeTime : miliseconds or 'slow'/'fast'    default: 1000
spanOpacity : opacity of description span  default: 0.7


Michael Grosser
License: MIT



Developped By: Boban Karišik
CSS Help: Mészáros Róbert