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The Search page for GroupServer

Author: Michael JasonSmith
Contact: Michael JasonSmith <>
Date: 2017-04-16
Copyright: This document is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License by OnlineGroups.Net.


GroupServer used to have a Search page. Actually, it still does, but it is not linked from anywhere. Instead the product and the product provides most of the functionality that the Search views provide.

Search views

There are three views of a search. All are provided in the context of a folder with the marker interface, and all change their output depending on the query API.

Search page:
The Search page, index.html, provides an HTML view of a search.
Search AJAX:
The Search AJAX, search.ajax, provides an HTML view of a search. However, unlike the Search page the HTML is a simple list, devoid of the rest of the page. This is useful for producing HTML that can be added to other pages.
Search ATOM:
The Search ATOM, search.atom, provides an ATOM view of a search, used as a Web feed.

Marker interface

The Search views appear in a folder that has been decorated with the Products.GSSearch.interfaces.IGSSearchFolder marker interface. During the installation of a GroupServer site a folder s is created and given this marker.

Query API

The following parameters can be used to change the query. They can be specified as part of the GET request for the Search views.

A space-separated list of terms to search for. Boolean keywords are not recognised as such, and all keywords are searched for, using an inclusive or.
The ID of the online group to search. If the groupId is not present, the entire site is searched.
The number of results to show, in each category.
The index of the first item to show, in each category.

Results categories

The results are provided in four different categories: topics, posts, files, and user profiles. All categories except posts are shown by default. To change which categories are shown, set the following parameter to either 1 to show the category, or 0 to disable the category.

Parameter Description
viewTopics Results for the topics search.
viewPosts Results for the posts=search.
viewFiles Results for the files search.
viewProfiles Results for the profiles search.