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Release 1.23.0

@canguler canguler released this
· 5 commits to v1.23.x since this release
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  • transport: block reading frames when too many transport control frames are queued (#2970)
    • Addresses CVE-2019-9512 (Ping Flood), CVE-2019-9514 (Reset Flood), and CVE-2019-9515 (Settings Flood).

API Changes

  • xds: move code to a root level xds directory (#2950)

Behavior Changes

  • client: remove option to send RPCs before HTTP/2 handshake is completed (#2904)

New Features

  • grpclb: enable keepalive (#2918)
  • balancer: start populating weight by edsbalancer for weighted_round_robin (#2945)
  • wrr: add EDF implementation of weighted round robin. (#2957)
  • status: Implement *statusError.Is (#2868)
    • Special Thanks: @jsm

Performance Improvements

  • server: avoid an unnecessary allocation per-RPC for OK status (#2920)
  • server: avoid call to trace.FromContext and resulting allocations when tracing is disabled (#2926)
  • http2client: remove unnecessary allocations for header fields (#2925)
  • status: avoid allocations when returning an OK status (#2929)
  • server: avoid allocations related to tracking excessive pings (#2923)

Bug Fixes

  • transport: call Unlock in defer to avoid data race (#2953)
  • client: fix canceled vs deadline exceeded double-check logic (#2906)
  • grpclb: recreate SubConns when switching fallback in case credentials change (#2899)
  • server: populate WireLength on stats.InPayload for unary RPCs (#2932)
  • client: fix race between transport draining and new RPCs (#2919)
  • balancer: filter out grpclb addresses if balancer is not grpclb (#2907)


  • docs: clarify "deprecated" to indicate whether some features may be removed in 1.x (#2900)