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A simple launcher app to allow Sublime Text to replace Notepad on Windows.
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Sublime Text Launcher


This small utility provides the means to replace Notepad.exe on Windows with Sublime.

More information about Sublime Text can be found on the Sublime Text website


  • Download the ZIP file from the ZIP folder.
  • Extract the three files in the ZIP (SublimeLauncher.exe, ReplaceNotepad.bat and RevertNotepadRedirection.bat) to the same directory as Sublime Text itself.
  • Run ReplaceNotepad.bat. You will need to "Run as Administrator" if using Vista/Win7.

Now when the system wants to launch Notepad it will launch Sublime Text instead.



  • If you ever want to revert changes and return to Notepad, run RevertNotepadRedirection.bat.
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