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This is the source code to Delores: A Thimbleweed Park mini-adventure. Read Grumpy Gamer for more background.


The source code for Delores is made available under a custom license. See for more details.

This repository does not include the source code for the engine, it is just the source for the game Delores. To run the Delores source code, you will need to download a development version of the engine here. If you wish to share your changes or modifications, direct people to the preceding page to download the development engine as the does not permit redistribution of the engine.

The Delores source is intended solely for personal use to learn and explore. Please respect our choice to release the source by using it as intended.


Clone the repository to your local machine. It is assumed that these files are placed in a DeloresDev directory.

Download and extract the DeloresDev engine executable from here. The engine executable can go anywhere.

Run it once. You will get an error, but that's expected.

Find the Prefs.json file that was created.

On Windows:

%AppData%\Terrible Toybox\DeloresDev\Prefs.json

On Mac:

~/Library/Application Support/Terrible Toybox/DeloresDev/Prefs.json

On Linux:

~/.local/share/Terrible\ Toybox/Delores/Prefs.json

Add the following line to the Prefs.json file:

devPath: "/Path/To/DeloresDev"

If you're on Windows, use / as a path separator and not \

Run the executable again and the game should start.


If you're looking for help or to help others, please visit the Thimbleweed Park Forums.

Debug Console

The debug console can be closed by clicking on the X in the upper right. To make it reappear, press control-TAB.

If you right-click on the console title bar, more debug options can be found in the drop-down menu.

Add the following to Prefs.json to extend the screen to allow more room for the debug console.

debugExtraScreenWidth: 550

The debug console and debug windows use the amazing ImGui


All sound is done via FMOD and FMOD .bank files must be created or downloaded before audio can be enabled.

If you want to hear audio and aren't interested in creating new audio, the Delores FMOD .bank files can be downloaded from here. Extract and place both .bank files in DeloresDev/Sounds/

The FMOD Studio Tool can be downloaded here. Build and place the .bank files in DeloresDev/Sounds/ and DeloresDev/Sounds/

Describing how to use FMOD is beyond the scope of this README.


Delores is coded in a custom language called Dinky that is based on and inspired by Squirrel.

If you point a browser to DeloresDev/HelpDocsHtml/home.html you will find the help files for the Dinky language. It is far from complete, hastily written, and probably riddled with spealling mistakes. You've been warned.

Here be dragons

If this is your first time installing, I suggest you stop here and ensure everything works before proceeding. If all you're interested in is code, you can also stop here.


The full art pipeline involves a slew of Python scripts that proved to be an installation nightmare so they are not included.

If you want to add art, place a .png for the element in the Delores/Dev/Images/RoomName and then run Bin/ and the sprite sheets will be created.

To do this, you need to have TexturePacker installed and working and define an enviornment variable DELORES_GAMEROOT that points to your DeloresDev directory.


Animation control files can be found in DeloresDev/Animation and are .json files. The tool that created these for Thimbleweed Park is long gone.


The version of Delores avaliable in online stores does not include any translation. This repo version has all the text stripped and wrapped and placed into DeloresDev/Data/Translations_en.tsv. See the help doc on Translations or look at DeloresDev/Scripts/Helpers/TranslationHelpers.dinky for more information.

If you're working on a translation you'd like released with the next update of Delores, visit the Thimbleweed Park Forums for more information and to connect with others doing translations.


The tool to add and position objects is called Wimpy and it can be download here

When you first start Wimpy, you will see a blank window. To load a .wimpy file, drag it into the window. The .wimpy file must come from the DeloresDev/Wimpy folder and the project directory structure must remain as it is in the repo.

Known Issues

  • Dinky language documentation is sparse.
  • There is a bug in the garbage collection for Dinky, so I turned it off. You will notice memory usage climbing, but it's not likely to be an issue unless you're playing for hours and hours.
  • Translation system is only half-done, see TranslationHelper.dinky for more information.


  • Delores Programming by Ron Gilbert and David Fox.
  • Thimbleweed Park Art by Mark Ferrari, Octavi Navarro, and Gary Winnick.
  • Thimbleweed Park Music by Steve Kirk.


Read all about it on GrumpyGamer:







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