Relation Analyzer for OSM
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== Relation Analyzer for OSM ==

This project contains the source code for the Relation Analyzer 
which is available online at

The Relation Analyzer is written in Java. It is build using the 
Apache Maven is used as the build system.

== Building ==

To build the Relation Analyzer launch:

mvn package

This will create a WAR file in the target folder with the name "relation-analyzer.war".
Place this file in the webapps folder of your 
servlet container and launch the server.

You can then access the Relation Analyzer with


== Hacking ==

The source code has some test case coverage so you should be fine to be 
able to do some hacking without braking major functionality.

As for the IDE, I recommend the SpringSource Tool Suite:
It already has some useful plugins on board. 

Basically you can also use the Web Developer Editon of Eclipse and install all the plugins you need yourself.

Here is a list of plugins you'll definitely need:

M2Eclipse -
JAXB2 Extension for M2Eclipse -
Use the above URL as an update site in Eclipse. If you open it in the browser it will give you 404 - file not found.
EGit -

To set things up, please follow the steps below:

1. Setup the Git repo in eclipse.
2. Checkout the amenity-editor project
3. Right click on the amenity-editor project and choose "Configure > Convert to Maven Project" 
4. Right click on the amenity-editor project and choose "Run As... > maven generate-sources"

At this point the project should compile fine. If it does not, please do the following:

Right click on the amenity-editor project and choose "Maven > Update Project Configuration..."

Now you should be able to run the tests:

5. Right click on the amenity-editor project and choose "Run As... > JUnit test"

Is the bar green? Good.

== Running in Eclipse ==

You can launch the Relation Analyzer directly in Eclipse. You will need to have a Servlet Container setup.
If everything is OK, you can right click on the project and choose "Run As... > Run on Server". Then open this link: