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Query.params should be an ordered multidict #3

masklinn opened this Issue · 2 comments

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  • URL parameters may be present multiple times in a given URL (hence urlparse.parse_qs returning a dict of lists of values)
  • Order between parameters is specified and may be important (hence the existence of urlparse.parse_qsl)

Werkzeug provides a data structure for this use case


It shall be done.

Thanks for the suggestion and reference to Werkzeug's OrderedMultiDict.

@gruns gruns referenced this issue from a commit
Arthur Grunseid Test bolden URL components in markdown #3. 58021a3

Query.params is a one dimensional ordered multivalue dictionary ( in furl 0.3.

>>> from furl import furl
>>> f = furl('')
>>> f.args['repeated'] = ['yep', 'double yep']
>>> f.url

Thanks again for bringing this to my attention.

@gruns gruns closed this
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