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cowboy commented Nov 19, 2015

We're looking for some help maintaining Grunt. Are you interested?

There are a number of specific things the project needs, such as:

  • General grunt and grunt-cli maintenance
  • Grunt contrib plugin maintenance
  • Website / docs maintenance
  • Issue triage
  • New features (version 1.0? 2.0? The future!)

If you're interested, please reply in this thread. Let us know how you're interested in helping, and we'll figure out where to go from there. Thanks!

UPDATED: Please read the post at the bottom. Contributions and new helpers welcome!


I'd be willing to help in just about any way.

morkro commented Nov 19, 2015

I am interested 👍
I would like to help out with website/ docs maintenance, and plugin maintenance. But basically everything sounds interesting.


👍 I'm interested!

tomapp commented Nov 19, 2015

I'm in! 👍

@dmethvin dmethvin referenced this issue Nov 19, 2015

Release 0.4.6 #1374


I can help with website / docs.


I'd be interested in website/docs maintenance.

rpdiss commented Nov 19, 2015

I can help too 👍

kaapa-s commented Nov 19, 2015

I'm in, I'll do some node.js 👍

Belciu commented Nov 19, 2015

I am interested!


Count me in for the website (docs).


I can help with website (docs)

scurker commented Nov 19, 2015

I've been looking for ways I can get more involved in open source projects, so I'm definitely interested! I think I'd be willing to help out wherever I could.


I am also interested!


would be willing to help with anything, but website / docs I may be of most use.

jshemas commented Nov 19, 2015

I'm very interested and would like to help!


Can definitely help with the website & docs


Count me in!


Interested in helping with anything


I can help with grunt and grunt plugin maintenance.


I'd be willing to help. Particularly interested in new feature development, but would be happy to help in any of the other areas!


Not sure if I'm capable but would love to help in anyway I can!


im here. pick me.


I wish!


I can help with website / docs too.


sure... will help anyway i can


I can help with site and docs. Count me in !


Willing to help with grunt, grunt-cli, contrib, site and docs!


i'd love to pitch in where i can.

this isn't the typical way of an open source project getting contributors but i kinda like it!


Ready to help anyway I can! May be docs or website maintenance

cozzbie commented Nov 19, 2015

Sign me up

zckly commented Nov 19, 2015

I'd like to help out with Docs!

sapila commented Nov 19, 2015

Count me in gaiz...i ll try to help in any way!!

iEgit commented Nov 19, 2015

It would be cool to participate, you may count on me


I would like to help in any manner.

srs commented Nov 19, 2015

Great to see that so many people want to contribute. Grunt is a great project and I use it a lot.

Will gladly help moving Grunt forward.


I would be interrested too 👍🏻 in any way


I'd be in for:

General grunt and grunt-cli maintenance
Grunt contrib plugin maintenance
New features (version 1.0? 2.0? The future!)


Sqrcz commented Nov 19, 2015

I'm in for "Website / docs maintenance" anytime.

cabaag commented Nov 19, 2015

I will help in any way as could be possible


Could you put the site on and so that people can easily pick up the tasks you need help with? And obviously, new contributors should be encouraged to help in any way possible. Thanks

taggon commented Nov 19, 2015

I'm interested in plugin maintenance.


Definetely I'm in.


I'm interested in websites/docs maintenance or 'grunt' and 'grunt-cli' maintenance.


I'd love to help wherever I can. My programming experience is limited but I can help with any documentation or basic front end needs.


Grunt has given so much, I'll give what I can.

watilde commented Nov 19, 2015

I agree with above comment. I'm interesting in grunt-cli in particular!

roperzh commented Nov 19, 2015

Count me to help in any area. 👍

owndann commented Nov 19, 2015

👍 I'm interested! in Website / docs maintenance


I'm in. 🍻

hguilla commented Nov 20, 2015

I'd like to help


I'm in.

oxocode commented Nov 20, 2015

Count me in!

funkage commented Nov 20, 2015

Reporting for site and/or docs maintenance duty, captain.


Give me something to do


I am interested in help on general grunt and grunt-cli maintenance :)

Ppchiu commented Nov 20, 2015

I'm am interested in helping as well.

  • General grunt and grunt-cli maintenance
  • Grunt contrib plugin maintenance
  • Issue triage
  • New features

I am interested


I'd like to help as well

b2m9 commented Nov 20, 2015

website, docs, issues - no problem. wouldn't mind to contribute to grunt (but this would need some time).

mejt commented Nov 20, 2015

I want to develop General grunt and grunt-cli maintenance


I'm interested


I'm interested


I'm interested


I'm interested.

bomsy commented Nov 20, 2015

I'm interested in helping with the grunt-cli


I'm interested! I'll be busy next months but Grunt gives me so much so I'll give what I can! 😄


I'm also interested to contribute


Count with me!

matallo commented Nov 20, 2015

Plus one here


Put me down to help -

  • Website / docs maintenance
  • Issue triage

I'm also interested to contribute

maxknee commented Nov 20, 2015

I'd like to help with issues, docs, maintenance


👍 here, specially grunt and grunt-cli

cmmata commented Nov 20, 2015

I can help too! As I see there are a lot of people than can help with web and docs, I can help with issue triage. I'm starting with node, so in no much time I could help too with maintenance (grunt, grunt-cli and grunt contrib plugin).

slinto commented Nov 20, 2015

I'm interested.. Grunt is cool! Everything is interesting. I think, core is most interested.

wholysz commented Nov 20, 2015

I am interested in helping as well, as I would like to start to be a part of grunt's community. I can do grunt, grunt-cli maintanance, as well as work on new features.


I am in.. written a grunt plugin myself, so still quite a noob, but hopefully can find my way around.

danparm commented Nov 20, 2015

Still a Node and Grunt grasshopper. However I'm using Grunt more heavily at the company I work for and working it into our everyday development. Definitely interested in helping.


Also happy to pitch in a little here and there. I'm particularly fond of documentation but I can do maintenance work as well.

froeba commented Nov 20, 2015

Yep, sign me up. Can help with Grunt maintenance


I'm definitely interested!

duereg commented Nov 20, 2015





What does 👍 mean in this case? are you happy to help with everything? some of it?

karuto commented Nov 20, 2015

Count me in 👍




I could help with french translation


I'm interested


Definetely I'm in.


I'm interested in impelementations of new features. I used grunt everywhere in my projects during every work, and I do have some feature requests about this great tool.


I'm interested to and will help where i can! 👍

ehhc commented Nov 21, 2015

I would be interested in helping as well. I would like to help in general grunt or grunt-cli maintenance but I haven't done a lot with node.js so I might not be that helpful...


docs/some coding we use grunt a lot so it would be good to give back.


I'm interested

Ykid commented Nov 22, 2015

program in nodejs for around 4 months full time. would like to help. could do some maintenance jobs.


I'd like to help, Issue triage and handling minor issues initially.


I would like to contribute too


Hey I can help with the Website (Design) / docs maintenance and any design promotion to help GruntJS to keep growing for new users.

hitenv commented Nov 23, 2015

Happy to help where I can

abhi05b commented Nov 23, 2015

Willing to contribute... :)


I would love to contribute with docs and website :)


I'm interested

jrcryer commented Nov 23, 2015



Wow, thank you everyone! I'm closing this thread to new comments, but if you are interested and haven't commented please read on, it's never too late to contribute.

If you haven't done so already, please read the contributing page. Most of the information there is relatively up to date and certainly enough to get things started. In particular, the #grunt-dev channel on IRC is a good place for real-time discussion and the contributing page can help you get started if you've never used IRC.

Now that Grunt is part of the jQuery Foundation we'll be switching to the jQuery Foundation CLA so please sign there if you haven't yet. Soon we'll have a bot that checks pull requests to ensure that the contributor has signed the CLA. A typical interaction with the bot looks like this if you haven't yet signed. Be sure that the email and name use use on your git commits matches the one you use to sign the CLA.

So what about working on the project? For now I would anticipate a 0.4.6 that is a very conservative set of bug fixes and minor enhancements. Stuff is already tagged for that release but it seems like a lot, so if there is any doubt or a lack of someone to do the work it might be better to push it off until later.

For the longer term it seems safer to come out with Grunt 1.0.0 and start actually using Semver because anything but trivial changes will probably break a lot of existing Grunt setups. A good example is this ticket about a message. Grunt is used widely enough that even its messages can't be changed! At least with a major Semver bump people can be a little more prepared.

So, eager volunteers, here is what I recommend as a starting point:

  • Triage the open issues. If the issue is unclear or the OP doesn't reply to questions, assume it's dead/stale. If an issue is really important, people will come back and make their case.
  • Triage the open pull requests. Some of them are years old and most likely can't be merged. Let's get that cleared up and find out what is really usable.
  • Once we've assessed where we are, take unassigned issues and start creating pull requests.

When doing this work, it's best to spend some time looking at an issue and understanding where it was left off. Instead of just bumping a PR with a comment like "Does anyone know where this stands?" you could say, "I tried merging the PR with the current master and it's really out of date, lots of merge conflicts. Should we close this?"

Once it's clear who the active volunteers are over the next couple of weeks, we'll be trying to organize a more permanent team of people who can form the ongoing Grunt team. For the folks who volunteered to do docs and web sites, I think that work will lag the actual code work by a bit. Once we have the code under control there will definitely be a need to update things. Stay tuned!

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For those who want to contribute with code / review / testing, here are two pull requests:

  • "Add support for Gruntfile.babel.js" - #1368 Could you review this PR or test this with your babel project?
  • "Update findup-sync to 0.3.0 and lodash to 3.10.1" - Same thing, could you pull in that particular version and see if it breaks anything. Large projects that use Grunt would be helpful for testing.

Feel free to comment in those issues. Let me know in those issues if you have any questions.

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