Arma3 web based mission replay
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Arma3 mission replays.


Parts of the whole

Installation of this thing here

  • clone
  • put 10T's Stratis map and others under maptiles
  • copy scripts/config.js.example to scripts/config.js , edit and point at the REST interface of one ar3play-server instance
  • configuration for islands is in worlds.js, in case you want to adjust zoom levels and geo mapping
  • go to index.html (webserver not necessary)

Code here is not as nicely done as the server part *cough *cough. Nice things like requirejs, angular or similar will have to wait :P


There shouldnt be any big gotchas. One hint: at the very bottom, beneath the map, there is

  • the place to change the backend (ar3play-server) instance -> see config.js
  • an input field to enter a password for ar3play-server authentication. Needed for deleting replays! The password will be put into localstorage, so you'll have to enter it once only.


current screenshot