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πŸš₯Vue Slick Carousel with True SSR Written for ⚑Faster Luxstay
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πŸš₯ Vue Slick Carousel with True SSR Written for Faster Luxstay. This Is a Port of react-slick.

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🎨 Features

simple center mode multiple rows
01 simple 02 center mode 03 multiple 04 multiple rows
variable width vertical lazy load synced sliders
05 variable width 06 vertical mode 07 lazy loading 08 synced sliders

vue-slick-carousel inherits the long-loved slick-carousel features, offers a variety of functions. It has been completely rewritten as a vue component. If you were trying to use the slick-carousel in the vue, it would be a perfect choice. You can use it in a vue component manner without any disparity. It also makes it easy to solve difficult problems such as custom arrows/dots.

Find out all available features on setting props and see how that works on examples.

True SSR

no-ssr-slick vue-slick-carousel
image image
FCP: 1920ms & LCP: 3090ms FCP: 620ms & LCP: 1850ms

It is designed to support SSR from the start. vue-slick-carousel supports true SSR. No more no-ssr or client-only to make it work anyway. If you value website performance, you are in the right place.

Here're nuxt examples for you to test yourself: no-ssr-slick vs vue-slick-carousel

🚚 Installation


# npm
npm i vue-slick-carousel
# yarn
yarn add vue-slick-carousel
# bit
bit import gsshop.vue-slick-carousel/vue-slick-carousel


# latest

πŸš€ Quick Start

See API & Examples to learn advanced usage.

    <VueSlickCarousel :arrows="true" :dots="true">

  import VueSlickCarousel from 'vue-slick-carousel'
  // optional style for arrows & dots
  import 'vue-slick-carousel/dist/vue-slick-carousel-theme.css'

  export default {
    name: 'MyComponent',
    components: { VueSlickCarousel },

πŸ“š Docs

πŸ”– License

This software is licensed under the MIT.

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