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emiliobondioli commented Jul 26, 2019

What problem does this feature solve?

Example use case:
A static generated app with thousands of routes, like an e-commerce having a route for each product.
Apart from scheduling nuxt generate to run periodically and generate all static and dynamic routes, it would be nice to have the possibility to generate the static files for a single route, for example in a hook when the related ba

DocBouCou commented Mar 13, 2021

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I am using QInnerLoading a lot in my app, I think it is very convenient. I have a very common use case which is not directly covered by the component: I put a short explanation text under the spinner (e.g. "checking parameters...", "saving..." etc.).

Describe the solution you'd like
A direct solution would be to add optio


🦄 🎃 👻 V2Ray 路由规则文件加强版,可代替 V2Ray 官方 geoip.dat 和 geosite.dat,兼容 Shadowsocks-windows、Xray-core、Trojan-Go 和 leaf。Enhanced edition of V2Ray rules dat files, compatible with Xray-core, Shadowsocks-windows, Trojan-Go and leaf.

  • Updated Jul 31, 2021

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