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  1. oliot oliot Public

    Oliot web documentation page. It contains introduction, links to each module, other information.

    CSS 4 3

  2. oliot-llrp oliot-llrp Public

    Repository for Oliot LLRP implementation (ELFIN)

    C 4 6

  3. oliot-ons-2.0.1 oliot-ons-2.0.1 Public

    node.js based web server implementation for ONS service records management

    JavaScript 4 5

  4. oliot-fc oliot-fc Public

    EPCglobal Filtering and Collection (F&C) implementation by Auto-ID Labs, KAIST as a part of Oliot project

    Java 3 6

  5. gs1source gs1source Public

    An open source development of GS1 Source

    Java 3 1

  6. oliot-epcis oliot-epcis Public

    Electronic Product Code Information Service (EPCIS) implementation by Auto-ID Lab Korea as a part of Oliot project

    Java 2


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