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Music Library Scripts

Geoff Lewis

A set of scripts for managing my digital music libraries:

  • - rips single- or multi-disk albums to normalized wavs
  • - encodes wavs to ogg, mp3 or flac
  • - adds an album to a local device library using hard links
  • - synchronizes a local device library to its player
  • - shared functions
  • - creates wavs from flac using cdparanoia naming scheme

The idea is that I have my central music library plus a number of portable music players. Each player has its own local library containing hard links to tracks in the central library. By adding (hard linking) & deleting albums & tracks in the local libraries, then using rsync between the local library and the mounted player, I can maintain the contents of my players.

Configured by the ~/.mlencode.ini configuration file. Copy the mlencode.ini sample configuration file and modify as required.

The main scripts contain basic documentation comments in perldoc format.


All files are public domain (2011-2012)

Geoff Lewis