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This is the start of a Pango binding for PHP. Current requirements are:

 * PHP 5.2+
 * Pango 1.14+ :
 * pecl/cairo. Currently the only functionality I'm wrapping are those required
   to make Cairo rendering work which will suit my own purposes - however, once 
   that works I intend to remove the hard dependency here if I can.

Once this gets up to something usable it will be proposed for PECL.

Compiling on windows

1. Setup build environment

Setup your build environment as described here:

2. Pecl packages

Create a directory called 'pecl' in the 'x86' directory.

 * Download and extract the pecl/cairo extension in the pecl directory
 * Download and extract the pecl/pango extension in the pecl directory 

3. Dependencies

Download the following dependencies from and 
extract them to the 'deps' directory. Make sure you download the 'Dev'

 * Cairo
 * Freetype
 * Fontconfig

You'll also need the GLib Dev package, you can copy the files in the lib 
directory to the deps/lib directory. The files in the include directory need 
special attention. You should extract the include/glib-2.0 directory to
deps/include/glib-pango. Finally you should extract the 
lib/glib-2.0/include/glibconfig.h header file to deps/include/glib-pango. 

4. Compiling pango

 * Run: buildconf.
 * Run: configure.js  --enable-pango=shared --with-cairo=shared
 * Run: nmake

5. Done

You're pango extension is now ready in: Release_TS/php_pango.dll