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This block is for Moodle 3.2 to 3.9 versions, it will not work for versions below 2016120505 - please download earlier
versions from here:

* exabis ePortfolio Block - Bugs, Feature Requests, and Improvements *

If you have any problems installing this block or suggestions for improvement please mailto:

* exabis ePortfolio Block - Description *

This block can easily be added to a Moodle installation and provides ePortfolio functionality for each student and teacher.
Students can build up their ePortfolios collecting weblinks, files and notes within an individually defined system of categories.
Artefacts can be assembled in views that can be published to specific target-groups (the teacher or students
within the Moodle-installation or directly to internet users) get reflections and comments submitted by other persons
as well as import uploaded assignments from within the Moodle-installation.
In addition the ePortfolio can be saved as a SCORM-package which is a standardized scheme and file format for the transportation
of learning-based data and can be used cross-platform for further work.
If the module exabis competences is installed in addition ePortfolio-users can also categorize artefacts within given educational
standards documenting their work in working on these competences.

* exabis ePortfolio Block - Disclaimer *

As with any customization, it is recommended that you have a good backup of your Moodle site before attempting to install
contributed code.
While those contributing code make every effort to provide the best code that they can, using contributed code nevertheless
entails a certain degree of risk as contributed code is not as carefully reviewed and/or tested as the Moodle core code.
Hence, use this block at your own risk.

* exabis ePortfolio Block - History *

In August 2011 exabis ePortfolio was associated with Exabis Competence Grid Block. This enables ePortfolio-users to categorize
their artefacts with educational standards. These standards are linked to Moodle via the exabis-competencies Block
(download at: with an associated XML-file.
The XML-file can be generated with any tool, gtn gmbh has made available a tool as a Typo3-extension which can be downloaded at:
In April 2011, gtn gmbh ( updated exabis ePortfolio to be compatible with Moodle 2.0-versions.
This was done with kind support of Gerente de Sistemas y Tecnologías, UNIVERSIDAD TECNOLÓGICA DE CHILE – INACAP.
In version 3.2.4 views were introduced.
Originally exabis ePortfolio was developed in the year 2007 with kind support of the Federal Ministry of Education in Austria.
It was then certified as the first Moodle-Block that was reviewed by the Moodle-core team (Peter Skoda).

* exabis ePortfolio Block - Installation *

1) Save the zip file somewhere onto your local computer and extract all the files

2) Transfer the folder exabis_eportfolio to the blocks-directory of Moodle

3) Log in as 'administrator' and click on the 'Home' link (Moodle 2.0)

That's it!