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Version: 0.9.8

So, You'll see.


A vim plugin for preview rst document instantly.

You can share the address through LAN too. (And, You should note, all the navigation/edit inside your rst wiki will be show on that address, if with InstantRst!)

riv.vim (vim) + InstantRst (web server) + rhythm.css (theme)

This is an intro for vim usage.

To use only the server, see

1   Install

  1. Vim with Vundle or NeoBundle:

    NeoBundle 'Rykka/InstantRst'

  2. Python:

# Got some issue on pypi
# sudo pip install instant-rst
sudo pip install
  1. Curl:
sudo apt-get install curl

2   Commands

Inside a rst buffer.

Preview current buffer. Add ! to preview ALL rst buffer.
Stop Preview current buffer Add ! to stop preview ALL rst buffer.

If you find the server is still runnning after you stop it.

You can find the process of instantRst and stop it manually.

3   Options

Preview rst in fast or slow mode, default is 0. If your computer is a bit slow, set it to 1.
Web browser for preview. default is ''. And then firefox will be used.

Directory where the template for rendered pages is located.

Defaults to using rhythm.css, that is bundled with the server.


Directory for static files used by the template. To be used together with g:instant_rst_template

Also defaults to the bundled rhythm.css


The port of webserver, default is 5676.

Then the server is at http://localhost:5676

And you can open it at your lan ip too.

If your vim is installed with '+py', then it will open at your lan ip.



Only use localhost, and disable lan ip

Whenever your vim has '+py'

Always preview all rst buffer, default is 0.

Bind scroll with browser.

When scrolling with Vim, The browser will scroll either.

default is 1


Serve additional directories for previewing, default is an empty array [].

For example: ['/home/<my_user>/<my_rst_project>/images', '/home/<my_user>/<my_rst_project>/docs']

It requires the absolute path of the directory, and the last directory name is used in the server.

A request made to /images/cats/1.png will try to serve the file from /home/<my_user>/<my_rst_project>/images/cats/1.png

4   TODO

  1. rst's inline image file contained are not displayed.

5   Related

This plugin is for Riv.vim.

which is a vim plugin for writing rst documents.

6   Issues

for debian user, you may need to install gevent manually

sudo apt-get install libevent-dev
sudo apt-get install python-all-dev
sudo pip install greenlet
sudo pip install gevent


add support for static file directory

8   License


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