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example app for the Panic Framework
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This is a simple example app for demonstrating the PanicKit for sending panic triggers to other apps.

For an example of this interaction, check out this demo video:

Building with Android Studio

Just import this as a regular Android Studio gradle project, and it should work as it is, and download the panic jar via gradle.

Building with Eclipse ADT

A skeleton project is included in this git repo, so you can import this project into Eclipse:

  1. Start by adding FakePanicButton to Eclipse by going to File -> New -> Project... -> Android project from existing code.

  2. Open the FakePanicButton folder that was just cloned from git.

Now you should be ready to work with FakePanicButton!

Building with ant

We use ant to make our official releases and automated test builds. If you are not familiar with Eclipse, then it is easier to start with the ant build:

export ANDROID_HOME=/path/to/android-sdk
ant clean debug

Then the installable APK will be in bin/FakePanicButton-debug.apk.

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