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Ecstatic is the ecstatic site generator for Pharo. Ecstatic uses pillar as its markup language to describe pages, mustache templates to accommodate your content and plugins completely written in Pharo.

Installation & Usage

For installation and usage, check ecstatic's website:

For installation on Windows, download this file :!RAcGHQ6Q!ab9Z05KjXDvUQtJW3Er5416SlR28l6UV_H3lIKZ8hfs

About Pillar

Pillar is a document model for Pharo that can be exported to different formats such as HTML or LaTex. Pillar defines also a syntax to describe documents and provides a parser for it. To know a bit more about how to write pillar documents you may find useful the two following links.


  • Plugins should be parameterized with the site and use always files relative to the origin
  • last changes to citezen should be commited
  • extend pillar annotations to declare plugins
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