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This repository was old record of https://github.com/guitarrapc/GraniResource for simplify. No more commits will be push to here.


PowerShel DSC Resources

What inside

Directory ResourceName
Custom GraniResource
MicrosoftScriptCenter MSFT Resource
PowerShellOrg PowerShell Org DSC Resource


DSC Resources published by Grani.Inc.

You can manage followings.

ResourceName FriendlyName Description
Grani_ACL cACL ACL Resource make you ability to manage ACL through easy configuration.
Grani_DomainJoin cDomainJoin Join/Unjoin Domain Resource. This free you from xComputerManagement resource force to specify Host Computer name.
Grani_DotNetFramework cDotNetFramework Manage .NET Framework offline file install/uninstall.
Grani_Download cDownload Download Remote file to local. This include file hash comparison for detecting file change.
Grani_GitHubApiContent cGitHubApiContent Download GitHub content to local through API. This include file hash comparison for detecting file change.
Grani_HostsFile cHostsFile Operate hosts file entry with configuration.
Grani_InheritACL cInheritACL Manage NTFS AccessRule Inheritance. Use cACL to manage each access rules for further usage.
Grani_PendingReboot cPendingReboot Allow you to handle reboot with configuration both LocalConfigurationManager RebootNodeIfNeeded setting as $true/$false.
Grani_PfxImport cPfxImport Import Pfx file into desired CertStore / or Remove pfx from CertStore.
Grani_RegistryKey cRegistryKey Allow you to handle Registry SubKey with Configuration.
Grani_S3Content cS3Content Download and track change with S3 Object and Local File.
Grani_ScheduleTask cScheduledTask Enable you to configure Schedule Task. (Not all property supported, but quiet a lot.)
Grani_ScheduleTaskLog cScheduledTaskLog Enable/Disable Scheduled Task Log
Grani_SymbolicLink cSymbolicLink Create/Remove SymbolicLink.
Grani_TCPAckFrequency cTCPAckFrequency Enable/Disable TCPAckFrequency
Grani_TopShelf cTopShelf Install/Uninstall TopShelf Application
Grani_WebPI cWebPI Install WebPlatformInstaller Products(You cannot uninstall from WebPI)
cWebPILauncher cWebPILauncher Install WebPlatformInstaller itself

Check UnitTestFiles for GraniResource sample usage.

All Resource have it's README.md inside DSCResouce.


Microsoft PowerShell Team publish awesome DSC Resource in ScriptCenter. (future PowerShellGet).

This include PSDesiredStateConfiguration Resource to create Pull Server.

This Repogitry keeps to some version and rename Resource Prefix from x to c as PowerShell Team recommended.


PowerShellOrg is community DSC Repository. Hope we can share Resources.

This include PowerShellOrg Resource which needed.

However some resource are too norty to use in production. (Like TaskScheduler / Choco Resource) GraniResource include much more powerfull resource which already fully use in production for hundreds of Windows Server 2012 R2.