Planned features of Just 50 words

Gunjan Karun edited this page Mar 11, 2018 · 5 revisions

Here are some of the features that I plan to build. Most of these are doable, I just need more time to build them. Some of them are wishful thinking, but they are here anyway.
If you think you can help me with any of these features, feel free to get in touch with me.


  • Headline or writing prompt suggestion based on my keyword to kickstart the planning and writing process [v 0.5.0]
  • UI for configuration. Right now it has to be done by editing the config.json file and restarting the app [v 1.0.0]


  • Treeview of the content structure to enable me to get a high level overview of the article that I am creating and jump to specific sections
  • Streaks: A visual overview of the writing streak of number of continuous days when I wrote more than the target number of words
  • Tags: Creating and filtering by tags
  • Text expansion and replacement for auto-corrections, shortcuts, templates etc
  • Template system for creating separate starting templates for different article types.
  • Wizard to get started with the writing. I would be able to select a suitable wizard, say 'Story with Heroes Journey' and I would be presented with one question at a time to answer and my basic story structure would be ready at the end
  • Content quality review with ability to suggest synonyms, identify long sentences, replace repeated expressions etc
  • Generate an article 'mood board' based on links I provide. So I would be able to provide a list of urls and it would generate a scrap book with summaries from all those urls.
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