Self-hosted DynamicDNS solution with Bind and PHP
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  1. BIND DNS server daemon
  2. Some HTTP web server
  3. PHP

Server side installation

Create DNSSec key

Log into your server as a root and generate a new key for your DNS updater:

dnssec-keygen -a hmac-sha512 -b 512 -n HOST

This will create two files starting with letter K, then your domain name, then some gibberish and ending with .key and .private. Get the key value from .key file:


this will output something like this: IN KEY 512 3 165 bwfb5O8+1VUiV3un66ucV1c9yAyT5Hdzs1gUHpcWWZrFEihtLlKl1E4E wFsTNbWg+EvK/ddOq7wWmZ9GYaPYbw==

Copy the Base64 part from the key file (the one that looks like: bwfb5O8+1VUiV3un66ucV1c9yAyT5Hdzs1gUHpcWWZrFEihtLlKl1E4E wFsTNbWg+EvK/ddOq7wWmZ9GYaPYbw==) The space in the key is OK, don't worry.

Create zone configuration

Open up named.conf in your favourite text editor and add your zone configurations:

key "" {
    algorithm hmac-sha512;
    secret "bwfb5O8+1VUiV3un66ucV1c9yAyT5Hdzs1gUHpcWWZrFEihtLlKl1E4E wFsTNbWg+EvK/ddOq7wWmZ9GYaPYbw==";
zone "" {
    type master;
    file "/path/to/your/zones/";
    allow-update { key ""; };
    notify yes;

Create zone file

Now create a zone file and update accordingly (add your NS and primary A records, update SOA record):

$TTL 7200               ; 2 hours      IN SOA (
                                2014010101 ; serial
                                3600       ; refresh (1 hour)
                                900        ; retry (15 minutes)
                                604800     ; expire (1 week)
                                3600       ; minimum (1 hour)
                        A       123.456.789.012

Reload your DNS server with:

rndc reload

and probably check your log files if everything went on smoothly.

Create a webservice

Create a virtual host in your favourite HTTP server and install all the server side scripts into your desired virtual host. Update your configuration files accordingly:

  • copy the to and edit it's contents
  • copy the to and add your clients

Test your updates through provided update form.

Client side installation

Place your files somewhere on your client server/computer. Update your configuration files accordingly:

  • copy the to

Test your updates by launching the client:

php updater.php

Copy the updater.cron.sample to updater.cron, edit it accordingly and add your updater script to crontab:

crontab updater.cron