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Group all FTP and / or HTTP sites that meet in one place, thus having the ability to search for information in each (or all simultaneously) in a simple and pleasant way.Use stack MEAN and elasticSearch
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Setup project

  1. Install Grunt globally: npm install -g grunt-cli.
  2. Install npm dependencies: npm install and cd serverNgexplorer and npm install.
  3. Install bower dependencies: bower install.
  4. Run server in new instance cd serverNgexplorer and this node server.js.
  5. Access your favorite browser to the path

ElasticSearch integration

  1. Configure file /serverNgexplorer/config.js to elasticsearch.use: true and

Build & development

Run grunt for building and grunt serve for preview. Run grunt build --force for to bring production mode.

Client Vuejs

Application running

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